Automatic cake depositor machine | sponge cake making machine

Commercial cake depositor machine
commercial cake depositor machine
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The automatic cake depositor machine can complete the deposit batter at one time. The developed and transformed cake forming machine can produce sponge cakes, cupcakes, central-filled cakes, and other cakes made by paste injection. After many times of research and development, the cake depositing machine can realize intelligent PLC control operation. The whole process of battering adopts programmed automatic control, the batter is not tailed, and the position of the plate is accurate. It is the best choice for cake manufacturers.

Diverse cakes produced by the cake depositor machine

Since the cake paste machine injects the batter into the cake mold tray through the injection head, the sponge cake making machine can produce different shapes of cakes by changing different molds and injection heads. This cake filling machine can produce cupcakes, sponge cakes, sandwich cakes, and central filled cakes, and other filling cakes.

Commercial cake depositor machine introduction

The automatic cake depositing machine mainly composes the control panel, motor, conveyor belt, and hopper. The motor of the sponge cake filling machine adopts a servo motor, and its filling volume and time can be precisely controlled on the control panel. The cake depositor machine uses an intelligent display screen to control the entire operation process, which can achieve the precise injection of batter. And it can also achieve precise finishing without leaking excess slurry.

Commercial cake depositor use scene
Commercial Cake Depositor Use Scene

How to produce sponge cake with the sponge cake making machine

Before using the automatic sponge cake making machine to make sponge cakes, you need to use a beater to mix flour, eggs, sugar, edible oil, and other raw materials. Pour the prepared flour paste into the hopper, and then turn on the machine to run. Place the tray on the conveyor belt, and the machine will automatically move the conveyor belt to the injection position to inject the batter into the tray.

Sponge cake production steps
Sponge Cake Production Steps

The cake forming machine can automatically sense the position of the tray to ensure that the batter is accurately injected into the cake tray. And the cake depositor machine can also adjust the speed of the conveyor belt and the injection volume.

cake depositing machine molds choice

In order to meet the requirements of different customers for various forms of cake making, we also provide customized services for cake molds. Customization services include customization of filling heads and cake trays. We can provide you with our regular molds for your choice. Or we can customize it according to the mold style you provide.

cake depositor machine  parameter

Model TZ-600
Size 1.7*1.1*1.4m
Capacity 120-240kg/h
Power 1.2kw
Weight 380kg

Batter filling machine characteristics

  1. The batter filling machine adopts an imported LCD touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC control. The sponge cake making machine can automatically record the set parameters, and can adjust the operating parameters according to requirements;
  2. The injection head for filling the cake can be replaced, and we can also customize it according to customer needs;
  3. The filling roller adopts silicone round gear, which can reduce the defoaming phenomenon of the cake tissue. At the same time, it is driven by a precision servo motor, which particularly improves the weight accuracy of the cake;
  4. The cake depositor machine can freely switch between producing cupcakes, filling cakes, and whole cakes. Therefore, you can use this machine to produce diversified cake products.
  5. The filling gram of the cake produced by this cake depositing machine is the same, there will be no excess dripping and no defoaming.


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