Cupcake production line | cake filling and forming machine

Cupcake production line
cupcake production line
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The cupcake production line can produce cupcake,sponge cake,custard,muffin and central filled cake. The cupcake making machines include a beating machine, cake filling machine, cake oven, and packaging machine. According to the different products produced, we provide different bakeware molds. Therefore, the sponge cake production line can produce various shapes of cakes.

The cupcake production line contains machines with a high degree of automation and is operated by an intelligent control panel. Each machine needs one person to operate it. And the production line can make various forms of cakes by changing different molds. Therefore, customers only need to replace the mold to realize the production of many kinds of cakes, which greatly saves the production cost.

Finished cake produced by the cake making machines

These cupcake making machines can not only produce cupcakes, they also can produce custard cakes, muffin cakes, and other cakes.

Cupcake production line flow chart

The production of cupcakes has gone through the steps of beating, placing paper and grouting, baking, and packaging.


The beater is mainly used for mixing flour, eggs, white sugar, vegetable oil, and other raw materials. The beater can quickly mix the materials together. It has a variety of models, such as 25L, 50L, 100L… The beater machine can quickly beat the material and keep the nutrients in the raw material.

Cupcake production line beater
Cupcake Production Line Beater

In the mass production of cakes, it generally needs a lot of eggs. So in the large-scale cupcake production line, many manufacturers will equip with an egg liquid separator. This machine is mainly used to separate eggshells and egg whites in large quantities. Its operation is very simple, just put the egg into the feeding port, and the machine will automatically separate the eggshell and egg white. After separation, the egg white will not contain eggshells.

Automatic Cupcake filling and forming Machine

An automatic cake depositor is a machine that can put paper cups and filling paste together. It can realize the functions of automatic paper feeding and grouting. The machine is a specially customized machine. It forms on the basis of an automatic cake grouting machine.

Cupcake filling and forming machine
Cupcake Filling And Forming Machine

This automatic cupcake filling machine adopts intelligent PLC control. Put the cake tray on the conveyor belt, the machine will automatically sense, and automatically put the paper and spread it. After placing the paper, the conveyor belt will automatically transfer the tray to the paste injection position. At the paste injection position, the cake paste injection machine will quantitatively inject the batter into the paper on the tray.

Sponge cake oven

A bread oven is a machine designed based on the principle of baking all kinds of baked goods first. It uses two crossed air outlets and multiple baffles to send air to the bottom of each layer of bakeware at a low speed and high air volume. So the baked bread or cake becomes bulkier. It reduces baking moisture loss and improves baking quality.

Sponge cake oven
Sponge Cake Oven

According to the different output requirements, we have introduced a variety of models of bread ovens. It mainly includes small and large cake ovens. The small cake oven is suitable for individual businesses and small bakeries. The cupcake production line mainly uses a large rotary oven.  We can match the oven model and bakeware number according to customer requirements.

Cake packaging machine

In the last step, it needs a bread packaging machine to pack bread. The bread packaging machine is a pillow packaging machine, which is suitable for packaging various shapes of bread. The cake packaging machine has the functions of batch packaging, automatic transmission and sealing, and coding. And it can also match the corresponding model bread packaging machine according to the packaging size cupcake.

Cupcake packaging machine
Cupcake Packaging Machine

Sponge cake production line advantages

  1. The sponge cake production line can produce different shapes of cakes by changing the baking tray molds of different shapes.
  2. All cupcake-making machines have multiple models and outputs. Therefore, the cupcake production line has a variety of output options.
  3. The cake production line’s machine adopts food-grade materials. It meets food safety and sanitation standards and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.
  4. It has a high degree of automation, especially the cake filling machine, the oven, and the packaging machine use an intelligent display screen to control the operation of the machine. Therefore, the production line only needs 2~3 people to operate.
  5. We can develop customized plans and services for customers according to their output and production requirements.
  6. The cupcakes made by the cake production machine are of uniform shape, golden color, and soft taste.





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