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How to make a cake / cake making machine

The cake making machine is to produce cake with different shapes and flavors, which can be achieved by changing molds. We can make molds according to your need, and the shape of molds are various such as fish, walnut, corn, pine nut, panda, etc. The final cake with diverse shape can arouse people’s interests when they are on the market. Therefore, cake making machine is very popular among food processing industries, western restaurant, tea shop, coffee shop, etc.

The technical parameter of mold

Size160*10*45 mm
Gross weight(one set)10KG
Mold material qualityFood grade aluminum
Shapewalnut/corn fish, pine cone,elephant/ Koala, panda

Technical parameter of automatic walnut cake making machine

Cake weight14-20g
Cake moldOne set for free

(fish, corn, walnut, pine nut, panda mold)


Advantage of automatic cake making machine

  1. The design of mold combines with Japan medical super non-stick coating, so it has long service life.
  2. Low maintenance cost and easy operation, and one person can operate machine.
  3. The inlet uses the patented design so as to solve the dripping problem, which is more healthy and cleaner.
  4. Pipe adopts imported medical material without toxic and negative effect!
  5. Cake making machine also can produce different flavors through filling different stuffing, such as chocolate taste, strawberry taste, mango taste and so on.
  6. The final product can be sold directly on the market, also can be packed. Its cute appearance can attract people’s attention.
  7. The cake making machine for home is made of stainless steel with high working efficiency. As for heating mode, you can choose electrical heating or gas heating.
  8. Electric dripping nozzle towards raw material saves much time and energy
  9. The cake can be heated evenly, and the healing time is very short.

The successful case of cake making machine

We have a customer from America runs a tea shop, and his business goes well. Recently, he wants to expand his business and open a new cake shop, so he contacts us to buy five sets cake making machine. After confirming the mold he needs, we sent a quotation to him, an


Can i customize the mold of cake?

Yes, of course, it can be customized.

How many shapes of cake model do you have?

Until now, we have the shape of fish ,walnut, corn, pine nut, panda etc.

How many people are needed during operation?

Just one person.




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