Automatic Korean Delimanjoo cake machine | Taiyaki stuffing cake machine

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The commercial Delimanjoo cake machine can be used to produce Korean Delimanjoo cake and Japanese Taiyaki waffles. The custard cream cake making machine can produce different shapes and flavors by changing molds. And it can produce custard cream cakes with strawberry, mango, cheese, and other flavors We can make molds according to your need, and the shape of molds are various such as fish, walnut, corn, pine nut, panda, etc. The final cake with diverse shapes can arouse people’s interests when they are on the market. Therefore, stuffing cake machine is very popular among food processing industries, western restaurants, tea shops, coffee shops, etc.

Delimanjoo taiyaki cake making machine video

Finished products made by the automatic Delimanjoo cake machine

Custard cake made by the delimanjoo cake machine
Custard Cake Made By The Delimanjoo Cake Machine

Custard cake making machine mold choice

Conventional Delimanjoo cake molds have fish shape, corn shape, pine nut shape, panda shape, etc. However, we can also customize mold shapes according to customer needs. And you can also customize two shapes on one mold. The mold of the small fish cake machine can be easily disassembled.

The technical parameter of commercial fish Delimanjoo cake

Size 160*10*45 mm
Gross weight(one set) 10KG
Coating Teflon
Mold material quality Food grade aluminum
Shape walnut/corn fish, pine cone,elephant/ Koala, panda

Taiyaki cream cake making machine structure

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The hopper has a single batter hopper mold, cream, and batter hopper mold. Therefore, you can produce the filling cake and non-filled cake by this Delimanjoo cake machine.

The paste injection pipe is a pipe connecting the hopper and the mold. Through the action of the transmission device of the machine, the cake filling in the hopper enters the mold through the pipe.

Its mold device is composed of individual molds. The mold adopts food-grade cast aluminum, which has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and non-stick surface.

It can heat the mold through electricity or gas.

Technical parameter of automatic panda shape Delimanjoo cake machine

Model HF-C
Voltage 220V
Power 4.5kw
Capacity 800PCS/H
Cake weight 14-20g
Cake mold One set for free

(fish, corn, walnut, pine nut, panda mold)

Weight 200KG
Diameter 1150*800*1100MM

How does the Taiyaki making machine work?

Taiyaki making machine structure
Taiyaki Making Machine Structure

First, you need to use a beater to make the batter. Then, turn on the Taiyaki making machine, let the machine idle and preheat the machine. After preheating, pour the batter into the hopper and start grouting. Then the grouting tube will inject batter in the hopper into the mold under the action of the transmission device. After injecting into the mold, the upper and lower molds  close and driven by the chain. During the transmission process, the heating source under the mold heats the mold to bake the dough. After the mold rotates one circle, the baking of the cake is finished and the upper mold will automatically open. Take the Taiyaki cake out of the mold, the mold will automatically rotate and start the next round of bread making.

Advantage of automatic custard cake making machine

  1. The design of mold combines with Japan medical super non-stick coating, so it has a long service life.
  2. Low maintenance cost and easy operation, and one person can operate the machine.
  3. The inlet uses the patented design so as to solve the dripping problem, which is more healthy and cleaner.
  4. Pipe adopts imported medical material without toxic and negative effects!
  5. The commercial Delimanjoo cake machine also can produce different flavors through filling different stuffing, such as chocolate taste, strawberry taste, mango taste and so on.
  6. The final product can be sold directly on the market, also can be packed. Its cute appearance can attract people’s attention.
  7. The cake filling machine for home is made of stainless steel with high working efficiency. As for heating mode, you can choose electrical heating or gas heating.
  8. Electric dripping nozzle towards raw material saves much time and energy
  9. The cake can be heated evenly, and the healing time is very short.

The successful case of cream filling machine

A client from Korea mainly runs a restaurant. He needs to replace a machine to make fish shape Delimanjoo cake. His machine is malfunctioning, if repairs need to cost half of the money to buy a new machine. So he decided to buy a new Delimanjoo cake making machine. He needs us to customize the size of the small fish he made for him. We can fully meet his requirements. Moreover, we also customized a machine with a sandwich function according to his requirements. After receiving the machine, the customer said that he was as satisfied with the new machine as the previous one.


Can i customize the mold of cake?

Yes, of course, it can be customized.

How many shapes of cake model do you have?

Until now, we have the shape of fish ,walnut, corn, pine nut, panda etc.

How many people are needed during operation?

Just one person.