How to make Taiyaki commercially and make profit?

Taiyaki is a famous street snack in Japan, named after it is shaped like a fish. Taiyaki is also called a bungeoppang. It is generally made of two pieces of batter wrapped with bean paste, chocolate, and other fillings. So how to use commercial Taiyaki making machine to make Taiyaki and profit from it?

How to make bungeoppang commercially?

It generally needs a fish-shaped mold machine (commercial Taiyaki maker machine) to make Taiyaki.

Before using the fish shape waffle machine to make bungeo-ppang, it is necessary to prepare the flour paste first. The production of flour paste generally requires raw materials such as eggs, milk, low-gluten flour, and edible oil. For the classic Taiyaki, it often adds a little red bean, and you can also add other fillings according to the preferences of local customers.

After mixing the batter, turn on the fish shape waffle machine to preheat. After preheating, pour the dough into the hopper. The machine will automatically inject the batter into the mold. The batter enters the mold for baking. When baking, the mold will automatically turn over to make the upper and lower molds evenly baked. After running for one circle, the bungeo-ppang is finished.


Why is it worth purchasing Taizy Taiyaki making machine?

  • Mold diverse and replaceable

The machine has various shape models, and it has fish, corn, pine nut, panda shapes, and other shapes. Moreover, we can also customize molds according to customer needs. Also, we can customize two shapes on one mold. Therefore, by customizing different mold shapes, you can use one machine to make various shapes Taiyaki.

  • Various heating methods

The automatic Taiyaki maker machine has two methods: electric heating and gas heating. You can choose the appropriate model of the machine according to your local energy. It can save energy consumption costs.

  • It can fill different stuffings

Different people have different taste needs. The traditional bungeo-ppang maker machine requires manual filling. This will greatly slow down the progress of the production. The automatic Taiyaki making machine has two filling hoppers. It can add the batter in one hopper and stuffing in another hopper, so as to realize the function of automatic injection of batter and stuffing.

  • The mold has high-temperature resistance and non-stick functions

The commercial Taiyaki making machine is made of food-grade cast aluminum. It is high temperature resistant and non-sticky. Therefore, it can use for a long time and the finished bungeo-ppang shape is completely non-sticky. And this will also reduce the number of cleaning molds.

  • The Taiyaki making machine has a high degree of automation, which can automatically feed and unload materials

The Taiyaki machine has a high degree of automation, it only needs control buttons to control the entire operation process. And it is automatic from the dough feeding to forming and discharging. After baking, the mechanical arm on the machine automatically takes out the bread.

The machine has a high degree of automation and can realize continuous and uninterrupted production. It is not only suitable for restaurants and street making but also suitable for large food factories to make packaged fish shape waffle.

Cost and profit analysis for commercially producing Taiyaki

Cost profit analysis(RMB)
Earnings 750pcs/h*8h=6,000pcs(6pcs/box)  1,000boxs*10RMB/box=10,000RMB 10,000RMB





Raw material

1 kg powder  30RMB  





Can produce 150pcs





15% oil      1.2RMB
20% milk     2RMB
55% egg     5.5RMB
0.5kg Stuffing   15RMB
packaging 1000boxs*0.5RMB=500RMB 500RMB
Power consumption 3kwh*8h*2RMB=48RMB 48RMB
Profits 7,352RMB