Casual snack seasoning machine shipped to Croatia

Snack food seasoning machine shipment for croatia
snack food seasoning machine shipment for Croatia
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The casual snack seasoning machine is the automatic seasoning equipment, which can realize the continuous seasoning production of various foods, and is often used in various food processing plants and restaurants. Taizy factory can supply small seasoning machines, and can also provide a complete set of food seasoning equipment and production solutions. At the beginning of this month, we exported a full set of casual snack seasoning machines to Croatia.

Taizy seasoning machine factory
Taizy seasoning machine factory

Information about the Croatian customer

The Croatian customer has a large local snack processing factory, mainly processing potato crisps, potato sticks, and other potato snacks, and various puffed foods, such as popcorn, puffed corn, puffed rice, rice snacks, trend snacks, vegan trend snacks, etc. With the expansion of the food production scale, the customer urgently needs to purchase a continuous leisure snack seasoning machine for seasoning various snacks.

Grouped equipment for snack seasoning machines
grouped equipment for snack seasoning machines

Main requirements for casual snack seasoning machine of Croatian customer

The Croatian customer discovered the automatic seasoning machine on our website while browsing the web. He was very interested in the automatic weighing and quantitative feeding functions of our seasoning machine. In fact, the customer is quite familiar with the food seasoning machines on the market.

Moreover, the customer said that the original leisure snack seasoning machine in his factory was also purchased from China, and it has been used for about 2 years so far, and it is still in a usable state. According to the last import experience and the experience of using the machine, he said that he still has great trust in Chinese manufacturing, so he still plans to buy food seasoning machines from China this time.

Casual snack food flavoring machine packaging before shipping
casual snack food flavoring machine packaging before shipping

The Croatian customer contacted the Chinese factory that he had worked with before and was not very satisfied with the food seasoning solution he got, so he planned to screen several more Chinese suppliers. After learning about our factory’s new food seasoning equipment, the customer has a strong desire for cooperation.

He thinks that the leisure food seasoning machine in our factory has many functional designs. For example, the seasoning machine has a supporting device for automatically weighing the seasoning powder, adding the function of adding seasoning powder in a fixed amount to the seasoning machine, and injecting edible oil in quantitative manner functions, etc.

Parameters of casual snack seasoning machines for Croatia

ItemTechnical parameters
1. Automatic weighing machine
 Weighing machine
Voltage: 380V 50hz
Dimensions: 1000*760*2200mm
Weight: 160kg
2. Star anise seasoning machine
Seasoning machine 
Power: 1.1*2KW+0.75*2KW
Voltage: 380V 50hz
Dimensions: 2400*1100*1800
Weight: 220kg
3. Automatic spraying machine
Spraying machine 
Power: 0.75KW
Voltage: 380V 50hz
Dimensions: 1200*600*2050mm
Weight: 180kg
4. Outlet conveyor
Power: 0.75KW
Voltage: 380V 50hz
Dimensions: 3000*800*1150mm
Weight: 180kg
5. Fully automatic control cabinet
Control cabinet 
Dimensions: 800*600*1200mm

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