Octagonal seasoning machine

Octagonal seasoning (2)
Octagonal seasoning (2)
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Octagonal seasoning product introduction:

Octagonal seasoning machine also called octagon mixing machine, is equipment can mix a variety of materials together by constant rotating, stirring, thus is widely applied to food processing–seasoning, feeding, mixing, coating and food seasoning and mixing in food production line of raw materials of different sizes including dice, chip, granular, powder, etc.

Simple and practical structure, firm welding, smooth surface, specially designed octagonal stainless steel barrel can realize food seasoning and fully mixing uniformly in a short time, automatic discharge, convenient clean and disinfection without dead angle.


1. With speed reducer motor, gear transmission equipped, the damage rate of fried food during automatic mixing is reduced;

2. Well mixing effect. Easy operation;

3. High output, Heavy-duty stainless steel construction, adjustable rotary speed and angle, the quantity of powder can also be controlled;

4. Can season and mix all kinds of food. According to the shape and characteristics of fried food, seasoning machine is designed and manufactured into octagonal shaped, which facilitate the fried food seasoning, mixing, and is the most advanced fried food seasoning equipment worldwide.

5. Octagonal seasoning machine is designed to overcome the insufficient material seasoning of ball seasoning machine.

Octagonal seasoning machine can achieve automatic mixing effect, so it is also known as the “ease of operation seasoning machine”.

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Octagonal seasoning scope of application:

The stainless steel octagonal seasoning mixing machine can be applied to fried peanuts, fried beans, green beans, soy, flavored peanuts, beef granules, beef jerky, shrimp, crispy rice, French fries, potato chips, squid ring, onion rings, cashew nuts, pistachios, melon seeds and other products for seasoning and mixing. The stainless steel octagonal seasoning mixing machine is easy to operate, at a favorable price, thus it is popular among small food processing factories.

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Technical parameter:

Model Dimension Power Weight Drum width Capacity
BL-700 1300×750×1300mm 0.37KW/220V 60kg 700mm 200kg/h
BL-800 1500×800×1100mm 0.55KW/380V 100kg 800mm 300kg/h
BL-1000 1500×1000×1450mm 1.1KW 140kg 1000mm 400kg/h