Automatic chicken meat cutting machine

Meat cutter machine
The automatic chicken cutting machine cuts whole pieces of meat into chunks. It is widely suitable for cutting various meats such as chicken, fish, beef, etc.
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This automatic chicken meat cutting machine simulates the manual dicing process and the dicing device adopts the principle of “shifting mechanism” and “automatic feeding”. It uses the main and auxiliary crankshaft linkage mechanism. It mainly includes a transmission device, and widely applies in various dicing processing of poultry, meat, spare ribs, and so on.

The chicken meat cutting machine can cut various meat into blocks, segments, etc. The machine has a reasonable design with superior performance(400-500kg per hour), simple operation, convenient maintenance, wide application, low-cost high performance, and labor-saving. Importantly, it can be applied to many fields such as small and medium-sized food processing plants, canteens, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, supermarkets, fast restaurants, etc., greatly improving working efficiency. It is an ideal poultry processing equipment for users.

Meat cutting machine
Meat Cutting Machine

Chicken meat cutting machine application

The meat cutter machine can cut fresh or frozen meat such as chicken, duck, goose, fish, pork ribs, etc. to different specifications.  Most importantly, the length of the cutting block can be adjusted by the eccentric wheel, from15mm to 50 mm. With intermittent feeding, processing, and forming rules, the chicken pieces are well organized, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

Chicken meat cutting machine

Commercial chicken meat cutting machine working video

Technical parameter of meat cutting machine

Power220v (3. 0kw) 380v (2. 2kw)
Overall weight250kg
V beltB1016
The length of cut meat15-50mm
Conveyor belt310×1500

The meat cutting machine usually has this model, but it has a high output, 400~500kg/h. And the size of the meat cut by this chicken cutting machine can be customized. Usually only need to replace the blade to achieve the effect, the length of the chicken pieces is 15~50mm

Structure of chicken meat cutting machine

The commercial meat cutter machine includes a frame, conveyor belt, resistant cutting board, gear mechanism, and roller.

Meat cutting machine
Meat cutter

Advantages of chicken cutting machine

  1. The 8 blades adopt alloy steel, which is very sharp and can cut meat quickly.
  2. There are 8 chains on the machine that can enable the meat not to move arbitrarily.
  3. Wide application. Meat cutting machines can cut the fresh or frozen meat of chicken, duck, goose, fish, pork ribs, and other bones.
  4. The shape of the cut meat is uniform.
  5. The height of the blades is adjustable.
  6. The width of the meat is not adjustable, but the length can be changed, that is, 15-30mm.
  7. For frozen meat, we can also use a frozen meat roll cutter. The machine can evenly cut frozen meat into thin slices.
Meat cutting machine 5

How to install and test the meat cutting machine?

  1. Place the chicken cutting machine on the ground to ensure that the machine works smoothly.
  2. Check if there is any foreign matter on the conveyor belt and clean it to avoid damage to the tool. Turn on the power to check whether the motor rotation direction is right as required.
  3. Test the chicken cutter machine before working, and observe whether the meat specifications and requirements are consistent. Otherwise, the length of the cut section should be adjusted.

Note: Lubricating oil should be added to the oil hole before starting.

The successful case of meat cutting machine

Fresh or frozen meat cutting machine is a hot sale product in our factory, and we almost export it monthly. What’s more, all machines received good feedback from our customers because the machine performs well. One meat cutter machine was delivered to Lebanon this week, and the following are the packing details.

Rrice cake machine 10
Rrice cake machine 9


  1. Can the cutting length be adjusted?

Yes, it can be adjusted, and the cutting length ranges from 15-50mm.

  1. What is the raw material?

Machine cut the fresh or frozen meat such as chicken, duck, goose, fish, pork ribs and other bones.

  1. What are the vulnerable spare parts?

They are blades and belts and should be replaced in time if there are broken.

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