Beef and mutton roll cutting machine | meat slicer machine

Commercial mutton beef roll cutting machine
commercial mutton beef roll cutting machine
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The mutton roll machine is equipment that cuts mutton, and beef meat into slices and rolls. This commercial mutton roll cutting machine has multiple models such as one roll, two rolls, four rolls, and eight rolls at a time. This commercial lamb beef roll machine adopts the intelligent PLC control screen to operate, and the operation is simple. After the mutton slicer has finished processing the meat, the cutting knife automatically stops. The degree of automation is high, and the thickness of the mutton roll is evenly cut, which saves labor. The mutton roll slicer is suitable for cutting various shapes of meat, suitable for large, medium, and small meat slices, hot pot restaurants, and other processing enterprises.

Operation video of mutton roll cutting machine

Brief introduction of mutton roll machine

Mutton and beef are common in life, and they taste very delicious when cut into pieces. The automatic beef and mutton roll-cutting machinery is also known as a slicer, Meat slicer, lamb cutting machine, lamb slicer, beef slicer, or beef cutting machine. The frozen meat can be cut into thin pieces and automatically rolled into a roll. There are many types including CNC slicers, vertical slicers, desktop slicers, and slicers with 2 rolls, 4 rolls, 8 rolls, etc.

Mutton roll slicer machine advantage:

With high automation, all operations such as cutting meat, adjusting the thickness, delivering meat rolls, and shutdown can be completed with one button, saving labor time.

Lamb slicer slicing machine working site
Lamb Slicer Slicing Machine Working Site

Beef mutton cutting machine working principle

1. Beef slicing machine adopts a double-guiding propulsion system, pushing and pressing material and adjusting thickness automatically.
2. The cutting knife automatically stops when the meat is finished, and the pushing plate retreats later.
3. The cutter drives the conveyor belt to automatically synchronize the operation, and the protective door opens the whole machine to automatically power off.

Commercial mutton roll slicing machine application:

1. This mutton roll machine is suitable for meat without bone but full of elasticity, cutting into pieces and rolling them automatically.
2. This multi-purpose mutton beef slicing machine also can cut all kinds of frozen meat, that is, mutton, beef, streaky pork, etc., widely applied to hotels,big-size food processing industries, and restaurants.

Frozen meat mutton slicer machine details
Frozen Meat Mutton Slicer Machine Details

Beef roll machine preoccupation

1. Meat must be moderately frozen and hardened, generally above “-6 °C”. If the meat is too hard, it should be thawed firstly.
2. Do not contain bones in the meat to avoid damage to the blade.
3. Place the meat firstly, and then adjust the button to set the desired thickness.
4.If the knife slips or can not hold the meat, indicating that the knife has rusted, and it should be sharpened.

Automatic mutton roll cutting machine parameter:

Model Adjustable






Power Voltage Weight SIZE
TZ-250 0-17mm 250mm 45slice/min 550w 220V 53kg 535*475*690mm
TZ-300 0-18mm 300mm 38slice/min 1250w 220v 65kg 590*545*740mm
TZ-320 0-12mm 320mm 40slice/min 750w 220V/380V 95kg 780*560*735mm
TZ-320 0-20mm 320mm 45slice/min 1100w 220V/380V 160kg 800*600*1300mm
TZ-363 0-20mm 363mm 55slice/min 1500w 220V/380V 220kg 1050*730*1450mm