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Automatic chili pepper washing and drying line
automatic chili pepper washing and drying line
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The chili pepper washing line is a production line for washing and drying chili peppers. This production line can be used to clean various types of peppers, such as bell peppers, green peppers, and red peppers. The industrial pepper washing line mainly includes a pepper washing machine, hair roller cleaning machines, air dryers, pepper dryers, and other machines. All machines in this production line adopt food-grade materials, which are stable and durable. Moreover, the production line has a high degree of automation, and it widely applies in large bell pepper processing plants.

Running video of chili pepper washing line

Large chili pepper washing and drying line introduction

Chili pepper washing line
Chili Pepper Washing Line

The chili pepper washing and drying line is an automated production line designed for large chili pepper processing plants. It is mainly to meet the mass cleaning and drying requirements of pepper production plants. The bell pepper washing drying plant’s output range is 500kg/h~2t/h. Customers can choose the corresponding capacity machines according to their own production needs. Moreover, the machines in the pepper cleaning line can be customized according to customer needs.

Industrial chili pepper washing line composition

The pepper processing line mainly includes a pepper cleaning machine, a hair roller cleaning machine, an air dryer, a pepper dryer,s, and other machines.

♦ Bell pepper washing machine

Chili bell pepper washing machine
Chili Bell Pepper Washing Machine

The pepper washing machine is a bubble-type washing machine, which mainly uses air bubbles generated by a fan to clean peppers. The tossing air bubbles drive the pepper to continuously roll, thus achieving the purpose of cleaning the chili pepper surface. While cleaning, the chainplate at the bottom of the machine and the tumbling bubbles push the pepper forward. The end of the pepper cleaning machine adopts a ramp-up method. In addition, it installs a spray device on the top of the chili pepper washing machine to realize the second washing.

♦ Hair roller cleaning machine

Pepper cleaning machine
Pepper Cleaning Machine

After cleaning by the chili pepper washing machine, the chili is basically thoroughly cleaned. In the automatic chili pepper washing line, the hair roller on the hair roller cleaning machine can fully contact the unevenness of the pepper. Therefore, it can get a thorough cleaning by the hair roller cleaning machine. In addition, the machine also has a screening function. There is a certain gap between the two hair rollers, so it can filter out smaller peppers.

♦ Air drying machine

Chili pepper air drying machine
Chili Pepper Air Drying Machine

An air dryer is a machine made to promote rapid drying after washing pepper. The air dryer mainly relies on the motor to drive the air blower to air dry the pepper. The tumbling mesh belt design enables the machine to turn over during transportation. Therefore, it can achieve air drying on both sides of the pepper.

♦ Chili pepper dehydrator machine

Red pepper dryer machine
Red Pepper Dryer Machine

The chili dehydrator machine has a box-type and mesh-belt structure, and it has a variety of outputs. We can recommend the appropriate model machine according to the output of the customer’s cleaning pepper. Regardless of the type of machine, the chili hot air drying machine uses circulating hot air to dry peppers. And the dryer adopts intelligent PLC to control the drying process. It can control various parameters such as drying time, temperature, and humidity. Moreover, the whole drying process does not need to be taken care of manually, and the machine can complete the whole drying process.

Automatic pepper washing plant characteristics

  1. The cleaning machine, impurity removal machine, and air dryer in the pepper cleaning line are all made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  2. All pepper processing equipment can be customized according to the different processing characteristics of customers. And the pepper washing line can match with a vegetable cutting machine, packaging machine, and other steps to realize pepper processing.
  3. The chili pepper washing line widely applies in the cleaning and drying of various chili peppers, such as green peppers and red peppers. Moreover, customers can also only choose cleaning equipment to clean other vegetables and fruits.
  4. Industrial washing and drying equipment has a high cleaning capacity, and a high cleaning rate, and does not damage the materials.
  5. The pepper dryer has higher drying efficiency and saves drying costs.
  6. The dried chili produced by the cleaning and drying equipment has the characteristics of good drying color, rapid drying, and dehydration, and even drying.

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