Hot air food drying machine price | industrial food drying oven

Hot air food drying machine price | industrial food drying oven

industrial hot air food drying machine
industrial hot air food drying machine

The hot air food drying machine is a kind of equipment used to dry various food materials. It has a multifunctional function. The machine equips with low noise and high-temperature axial flow fan and an automatic temperature control system. The entire circulatory system is completely enclosed so that the thermal efficiency of the dryer has been increased from 3-7% in conventional food dryer to 35-45% today. The highest thermal efficiency is up to 70%. This series of hot air circulation food dryer oven saves a lot of energy and improves the economic benefits of the company.

Industrial food drying machine features

  1. Most of the hot air circulates in the container, which is highly efficient and saves energy.
  2. With forced ventilation, the container is equipped with an adjustable air distribution panel for temperature balance.
  3. The heat source can be steam, hot water, electricity, remote infrared.
  4. The commercial food drying machine has the characteristics of low noise, balanced operation, automatic temperature control, and convenient installation and maintenance.
  5. The food dryer machine has a wide range of applications, can dry a variety of materials, is universal drying equipment.
industrial food drying machine
industrial food drying machine

Applications of the fruit drying machine:

Hot air circulation food drying oven is suitable for heat curing, drying, and dehydration of materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry, and other industries.

The forced hot air generated by the electric heating tube or the steam heat exchanger circulates inside the tank. This design enhances the heat transfer, increases the water evaporation rate, and reduces the drying time. The whole container adopts a fully enclosed structure. The hot air circulates in the container, reasonably discharging hot and humid air and replenishing fresh air. The air inlet is equipped with an air filter. This machine also is equipped with a moisture discharge device as standard.

commercial food dehydrator machine application
commercial food dehydrator machine application

Smart food drying equipment advantages compared to the traditional dryer

Not affected by the environment

Before using a traditional dryer, the raw materials need to be placed in the sun for drying. Then use the machine for drying. Therefore, the use of traditional dryers is deeply affected by weather conditions. The intelligent food dryer can directly dry food in the dryer. It can set the corresponding drying temperature and time according to the moisture contained in the raw materials. During the drying process, it will keep the temperature in the drying room balanced.

Dry evenly

Traditional dryers use a boiler as a heating source, which consumes a lot of energy and uneven drying during drying. Moreover, traditional food dryers cannot be directly used to dry raw materials that contain a lot of moisture. While the industrial food drying machine can adjust the drying temperature and drying time according to the material moisture content. And, the machine uses a circulating fan to blow hot air to the surface of the material, making the drying more uniform.

stainless tray food dryer machine
stainless tray food dryer machine

Low drying cost

The traditional drying method requires constant drying, which requires a lot of labor costs. In addition, traditional dryers use boilers as heating sources, which often consume a lot of energy. The automatic dryer can use low-cost heat sources such as biomass pellets and air energy heat pumps as heating sources. Therefore, compared to traditional dryers, smart dryers can reduce drying costs.

Environmentally friendly

The new intelligent dryer adopts closed dehumidification and drying method for drying. When drying, there is no exhaust gas and waste heat emission, no noise pollution. And it is a high environmental protection product.

Instructions for the industrial food dehydrator machine

  1. The heating heat source includes steam, electricity, far infrared, electric steam for users to choose from.
  2. Dryer temperature: steam heating 50-140 degrees. Maximum temperature up to 150℃.
  3. Electricity, the remote infrared temperature is about 50-350℃.
  4. There are automatic control systems and computer control systems for users to choose from.
  5. The food drying machine’s common steam pressure is 0.02-0.8Mpa (0.2-8Kg/cm2)
  6. Use temperature higher than 140 degrees or less than 60 degrees, it needs to be specified when ordering.
  7. The size of the drying tray is uniform and can be interchanged.

Technical parameters of the food dryer:

Model Capacity/once(kg) Power(kw) Gas


Cooling area(m2 Air volume(m3/h) Upper and lower temperature difference(℃)  baking tray(pcs) Size(L×W×H)mm Supporting drying car(pcs)
CT-Ⅰ 100 1.1 20 20 1400 ±2 48 2430×1200×2375 2
CT-Ⅱ 200 1.1 40 40 5200 ±2 96 2430×2200×2433 4
CT-Ⅲ 300 2.2 60 80 9800 ±2 144 3430×2200×2620 6
CT-Ⅳ 400 2.2 80 100 9800 ±2 192 4380×2200×2620 8
CT-C-0 25 0.45 5 5 3400 0 16 1550×1000×2044 0
CT-C-ⅠA 50 0.45 10 10 3400 ±2 24 1400×1200×2000 1
CT-C-Ⅰ 100 0.45 18 20 3450 ±2 48 2300×1200×2000 2
CT-C-Ⅱ 200 0.9 36 40 6900 ±2 96 2300×2200×2000 4
CT-C-Ⅲ 300 1.35 54 80 10350 ±2 144 2300×3220×2290 6
CT-C-Ⅳ 400 1.8 72 100 13800 ±2 192 4460×2200×2290 8
CT-C-ⅠB 120 0.9 20 25 6900 ±1 48 1460×2160×2250 2

Food drying machine exported to Malaysia case

In mid-January, we received a deposit for a food drying machine from a Malaysian customer. The Malaysian customer ordered a tray-type food dryer for drying fruits. The customer runs a fruit processing plant and he wants to buy a machine for drying mangoes, oranges, kiwis, and other fruits. Due to the customer wants to dry wide raw material, we recommend him the hot-air fruit dryers.

The dryer mainly uses circulating hot air to dry fruits and can set the drying temperature and time according to different characteristics of fruits. During drying, it uses hot air to blow away the moisture contained in the fruit, and the moisture generated will be blown away by the fan. Due to it has high degree of automation, and it can choose electricity, gas, biomass particles, air energy heat pump, etc. as the heating source. Therefore, the Malaysian customer finally bought a tray-type food drying machine.

Fruit and vegetable dryer machine / drying food machine

Mango drying machine | industrial fruit drying dehydrator machine

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