Cocoa bean processing machine from cocoa pod to cocoa nibs

Cocoa bean nibs processing machine
cocoa bean nibs processing machine
The cocoa bean processing machine is used to process fresh cocoa beans into cocoa nibs. It mainly includes a cocoa pod cracking machine, a stone removing machine, a cocoa bean roasting peeling machine, cocoa nibs grading machine, and other machines.
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The cocoa bean processing machine from cocoa beans to cocoa nibs aims to process cocoa beans into cocoa nibs. This is the front-end processing process of cocoa beans. These cocoa bean processing machines mainly include cocoa pod splitter machines, stone removing machines, cocoa bean roasting machines, peeling machines, screening machines, storage bins,s and other machines. These cocoa bean processing machines have high production efficiency, large processing output, and easy operation. They are the best application machines for cocoa bean processing plants.

About cocoa nibs

Cocoa nibs are processed pieces of cocoa beans. Although cocoa beans are small in size, they have a strong chocolate flavor. Therefore, it is usually used to make chocolate. The sugar content in Cocoa nibs is also much lower than in other chocolate products. Therefore,it has become a healthy substitute for many chocolate lovers. In addition, cocoa nibs are also rich in nutrients, which are beneficial to human health.

Cocoa nibs processing machine operation video

Cocoa bean processing machine in the Cocoa nibs processing process

Cocoa pod cracking machine

Cocoa pod cracking machine
Cocoa Pod Cracking Machine

The cocoa pod splitting cracking machine is used to husk freshly harvested cocoa beans. Fresh cocoa beans are wrapped in a hard shell, which requires certain tools to break the cocoa beans apart. The cocoa pod opening machine has the functions of opening and sieving. It can sieve freshly broken cocoa beans into several grades. Moreover, the shell can be broken continuously, and the shell breaking efficiency is high. After breaking the cocoa pod, it also needs to ferment the fresh cocoa beans to form brown mature cocoa beans.

Stone removing machine

Stone removing machine
Stone Removing Machine

This step is to remove stones and other impurities in the cocoa beans. This stone remover widely applies in grains to remove impurities. It can effectively separate stones, glass, and other foreign objects from cocoa beans.

Cocoa bean roasting machine

Cocoa bean roasting machine
Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine

The cocoa bean roasting machine can roast the cocoa beans to maturity by heating methods such as electric heating or gas heating. The cocoa bean roaster machine has two models: drum roasting model and tunnel roasting model. The choice of cocoa roaster machine can be selected according to the customer’s roasting output. The drum cocoa roasting machine can bake about 100kg in a single pot. If you want to expand the production output, we can make multiple baking pots connected to a single pot for you.

Cocoa bean peeling machine

Cocoa nibs making machine
Cocoa Nibs Making Machine

After roasting and cooling, the outer skin of cocoa beans can be easily removed by the cocoa bean peeling machine. The cocoa bean peeling machine uses three rubber rollers to squeeze the cocoa beans into the silo for peeling. The cocoa beans squeezed by the rubber roller and the differential speed rubbing will be broken into cocoa nibs. And the machine also can equip with a vacuum cleaner to collect the peeled cocoa nibs. Cocoa bean peeling machine has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, high peeling rate, and low noise.

Cocoa nibs grading machine

Cocoa nibs grading machine
Cocoa Nibs Grading Machine

After peeling through the peeling machine, you will get cocoa nibs. If you want to obtain cocoa nibs with the same particle size, then you need to use a cocoa nibs sieving machine for sieving. The cocoa nibs screening machine is a drum screening machine, which can screen cocoa nibs into 3, 4, 5, and multiple grades according to the screening requirements.

Storage silos

After screening cocoa nibs, it can equip with a hoist and silo to store different grades of cocoa nibs. Then, you can use the packaging machine to pack different sizes of cocoa nibs. The storage silo is a device for storing cocoa nibs. The amount of storage can be determined by the area of the silo.

Features of cocoa bean processing machine

  • The cocoa nibs processing machine is only part of the cocoa bean processing. The cocoa bean processing machine can also process cocoa beans into cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate and other products.
  • The cocoa bean processing line has a high degree of automation and a large production output, which is suitable for large-scale cocoa bean processing plants to process cocoa beans
  • In addition, we also provide customized cocoa bean processing machines. It not only includes production customization services, but also machine design, machine placement solutions, etc.
  • The cocoa nibs processing production line can reach the required screening level according to the needs of customers.
  • All cocoa bean processing machines have the characteristics of high degree of automation, easy operation and low noise.

Automatic cocoa bean processing machine parameter

Cocoa pod splitterCocoa pod cracking machinecapacity :800 kg/h
Power: 1.1kw
Dimensions: 3 1.32m
Stone removing machineStone removing machineCapacity: 1-3 tons/hour
Spindle speed: 485 rpm
Inclination angle to stone slab: 10-14 degrees
Effective working area: 970×510
Selected board effective working size: 160×65
Power: 0.55KW
Matching fan power: 3KW
Cocoa bean roasting machineCocoa bean roasting machineDimensions: 4500×2900×1750
Motor power: 5.5kw
Electric furnace power: 112.5kw
Output: 500kg/h
Temperature: 0-300 degrees.
Cocoa bean peeling machineCocoa bean peeling machinePower: 2.2KW;
Fan power: 2.2KW
Output: 1000kg/h
Size: 2000x1100x2100
Cocoa nibs grading machineCocoa nibs grading machineSize: 4000x800x1300 (mm)
Roller diameter: 600mm
Power: 0.75KW
Output: 1000 kg/h

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