Complete Set of Chin Chin Making Machines Sold to America

Chin chin making machine for sale
chin chin making machine for sale
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Chin chin, a crispy fried snack, is very popular in many African countries. Therefore, many African investors buy commercial chin chin making machines to mass produce fried chin chin for retail sale. The chin chin processing equipment of Taizy Food Machinery Factory is not only widely exported to African countries, but also gradually exported to Southeast Asian countries and American countries. Recently, we exported a complete set of chin chin making machines to the United States with a processing capacity of 300kg per hour.

Taizy chin chin making machine factory
Taizy chin chin making machine factory

Why planned to start the chin chin businese in America?

The American client has his own restaurant in Los Angeles, which mainly deals in various fast food such as burgers, fries, fried chicken, etc. The American client stated that he lived in a neighborhood with many Africans and their diets were more African.

With the growing popularity of fried chin chin snacks, there is a growing local demand for this type of chin chin. So the US customer decided to buy commercial chin chin making machhine to produce this fried snack.

This US customer saw the working video of our chin chin machine on YouTube and was very satisfied with how our machine worked. He contacted us immediately and asked our factory to provide him a quotation for chin chin making machine according to his needs. The client’s budget is not very high, so we recommend him a semi-automatic chin chin processing line with a capacity of 300kg/h.

Chin chin snack production
chin chin snack production

Main components of chin chin making machines

Taizy factory usually provides customers with suitable chin chin production solutions according to their actual needs and budgets. For example, some customers have relatively low budgets and cannot purchase a complete set of processing equipment. We would recommend him to buy only chin chin cutter machine or chin chin fryer etc.

And some customers want to start a fully automatic processing business, they need a full set of chin chin making machines. The equipment of a complete chin chin processing line usually includes a noodle mixer, a noodle press, a chin chin cutter machine, a chin chin fryer, a deoiler, a seasoning machine and a chin chin packaging machine, etc.

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