Curry puff samosa making machine

Samosa making machine
samosa making machine
The commercial samosa making machine can make curry puff, samosa, china dumplings, empanada, ravioli, and other products.
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The samosa making machine is a machine that automatically produces samosas. It is a machine specially developed based on the characteristics of samosas. The automatic samosa machine can realize the steps of automatic noodle feeding, filling, filling, and so on. The produced samosas have sufficient fillings and good shapes. And the fillings, the thickness of the dough, and the production speed can be adjusted.

Application of curry puff making machine

The head mold of the curry puff machine can be replaced, so it can produce a variety of different foods. Such as spring rolls, wontons, Ravioli, Curry puff, Empanada, Dumpling, Pierogi, Gyoza, Calzone, and other foods.

Curry puff making machine application
Curry Puff Making Machine Application

Structural characteristics of samosa making machine

Samosa maker structure
Samosa Maker Structure

Commercial samosa maker machine includes stuffing bucket, control panel, rack, conveyor belt, conveying outlet and other parts.

Mold head

The mold on the samosa making machine head can be customized according to customer’s production needs. Therefore, the machine can replace molds to produce products of different shapes.

Extrusion head

The filling extrudes through the extrusion head, and the amount of filling can be adjusted.

Noodle bucket

This is the noodle bucket of the samosa machine, used to hold the dough. When working, the dough hopper and the filling are extruded at the same time, and the amount and speed of the extruded dough can also be adjusted.

How does a commercial curry puff machine produce curry?

The commercial automated curry puff machine can complete the production of samosas in one go. It mainly imitates the steps of making curry samosa by hand. Put the prepared filling and the mixed dough into the filling bucket and the dough bucket respectively. Adjust the amount and speed of the machine’s unloading. After starting, the machine will automatically unload, fill and wrap according to the set program. The finished curry samosa is delivered from the delivery exit.

Applied products
Applied Products

Features of commercial samosa maker

  1. The samosa making machine adopts intelligent control panel operation, simple operation, and high precision.
  2. This machine imitates the steps of making curry samosas by hand. Using the principle of dual-control two-way quantitative feeding, only the filling and dough are placed in the machine, and the machine can complete the production of samosas.
  3. The amount and speed of filling and dough cutting can be adjusted through the control panel.
  4. One machine with multiple functions, making a variety of different products by changing different molding dies. Such as spring rolls, wontons, Ravioli, Curry puff, Empanada, Dumpling, Pierogi, Gyoza, Calzone, and other foods.
  5. The conveying surface and the forming parts adopt special anti-adhesion technology materials, with low resistance, good forming, and convenient disassembly, assembly, and cleaning.

Samosa making machine parameters

Samosa weight14-18g
MaterialStainless steel

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