Date palm processing machine line for jujube washing grading drying

Industrial date palm processing machine
industrial date palm processing machine
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The date palm processing line is mainly used for jujube cleaning, air drying, grading, and other tasks. The date palm cleaning and drying line is mainly composed of a date cleaning machine, hair roller cleaning machine, air dryer, classifier, and other machines. And we also provide a jujube dryer, jujube slicer, packaging machine, and other supporting facilities to meet the different needs of customers. Therefore, the date palm washing line meets the needs of different types of dates such as jujube, palm, and Arabian jujube. And we can also meet the different needs of customers for data cleaning, data grading, and dry date production.

Why is the date palm processing line so popular?

The date is rich in nutrients, and it also has a wide application. Nowadays, various deep-processed products of jujube such as dried jujube, jujube slices, jujube powder, and other products have considerable sales in the market. The vigorous development of both raw jujube and deep-processed products of jujube has given birth to the date cleaning processing industry.

Dates application
Dates Application

Industrial date palm washing line composition

The date palm processing line mainly includes a washing machine, hair roller cleaning machines, air dryers, classifiers, and other machines. This production line can realize the cleaning, impurity removal, air-drying, and grading of jujube.

Jujube cleaning machine

Jujube washing machine adopts bubble washing machine. It mainly uses the collision of high-pressure air bubbles to fully roll and clean the date. The bubble cleaning machine can effectively remove sundries and residual pesticides on the surface of the jujube. And it also equips with a high-pressure spray device, so that the jujube can be cleaned more comprehensively.

Fruit date washing machine
Fruit Date Washing Machine

Hair roller cleaning machine

 The hair roller cleaning machine mainly thoroughly removes impurities such as red dates, strawberries, and other fruits with wrinkles. The hair roller of this machine can fully touch the surface of the date palm. Therefore, it can realize the deeper cleaning of dates and improve the cleaning efficiency of jujube. The brush of the hair roller cleaning machine is a soft brush, so it will not damage the cleaned materials.

Roller machine for cleaning dates
Roller Machine For Cleaning Dates

Date Air Dryer

In the date processing machine, a date air-drying machine is mainly a machine designed to quickly air-dry the jujube. It uses the principle of natural air-drying to air-dry the cleaned materials. And the machine can be designed into a square mesh belt and a tumbling mesh belt according to different raw materials to achieve maximum air drying of the raw materials. The mesh belt speed of the air dryer and the wind power of the fan can be adjusted according to production requirements.

Dates air drying machine
Dates Air Drying Machine

Date grading sorting machine

According to the required jujube classification level, the jujube grading machine can achieve 3.4.5 and multiple classification levels. And it is widely applicable to the grading of fruits whose diameter is between 0.5-4.5cm. The jujube sorting machine solves the problems of inaccuracy and low efficiency in manual classification.

Date sorting grading machine
Date Sorting Grading Machine

Industrial date processing plant highlights

high productivity

The date processing line can achieve continuous processing of jujube with large batches. It can handle a variety of output such as 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 2t/h, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for large, medium, and small date processing plants.

Health and Safety

In order to meet customer requirements for production, all date processing machines adopt food-grade stainless steel. They are resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.


In order to meet the classification requirements for different date sizes, we provide customers with customized machine services. We not only provide customized services for jujube grading machines but also all machines in the jujube washing production line can be customized.

Related machine: date dryer machine

The increase in demand for dried dates drives the demand for dryers. Taizy provides box and continuous jujube dryers. These two types of date dryers use circulating hot air to dry jujubes. It can use a variety of heating methods such as electricity, gas, electric heat pump, biological particles, etc. as the heating source. Moreover, it adopts an intelligent PLC control panel to control the machine, which can realize multi-stage drying operations.

Date dryer machine
Date Dryer Machine

Date processing machine working video

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