Fish deboner machine for seperating fish meat and bone

A fish doboner machine can seperate fish meat and bone
fish doboner machine
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Fish deboner machine is used to remove the fishbone, and it is also known as fish meat and bone separator machine, fish meat deboner machine, fish deboner machine, fishbone removing machine, etc. This machine can easily separate fish bones and fish skin, getting clean fish meat. It can widely use to produce fish balls and other fish meat products. Besides, it can run at high speed, and the motor rotates 1400r/m. According to the proportion of the whole fish, we can get 60% clean fish meat from it and the bone removing rate is 90%. Most importantly, the capacity of the fish deboning machine is100-200kg/h, which can totally meet your demand.

The inner structure of the fish bone and meat separator

  1. Inner scraper of roller: scrape off the fish meat from the inner wall of the roller
  2. Meat drum: collect fish
  3. Automatic fine-tuning device: automatic adjustment of pressure recovery in meat collecting and gap reset
  4. Scraper fixed wheel: fix the outer scraper of the roller
  5. The outer scraper of roller: used to scrape off the separated fish bones and fish skin
  6. Meat picker belt: transport fish and combines with a roller to form a strong squeeze in order to separate fish.
  7. Gap adjustment handle: adjust the gap between the meat collector belt and the meat drum
  8. Belt elastic adjustment: adjust the tightness of the meat collector belt.

Fish deboner machine working principle

The fish meat separator is equipped with a barrel and rubber belt. Mutual pressing between the barrel and rotational rubber belt can get fish meat and make them stay in the barrel but leaves fish skin and bone outside the barrel that is scrapped off by scraper later.
Recommended Equipment: Beater, meat pelletizer´╝îFish cutting machine.

Fish deboning machine advantage

  1. Fish meat bone separator is suitable for marine fish and freshwater fish.
  2. The big fish is divided into segments, and the small fish can directly collect the meat.
  3. It can effectively separate fish bones, fish skins, and fish ribs, thereby improving the utilization rate of raw materials and saving labor costs. This machine also increases the economic value of low-value fish
  4. Fishbone separator machine has a compact structure, high efficiency, and practicality, and it is convenient and durable.

Commercial fish deboner machine matters need to pay attention

  1. Check whether the pressure regulator is appropriate before starting the machine, and the machine should be idle for half a minute. If the spring is too tight, a lot of abrasions will occur.
  2. When the machine is in operation, it is forbidden to use the hand and other sundries into the feeding hole.
  3. The user has to cut big fish into small pieces.
  4. After the work is finished, the power should be turned off and the leftover meat on the meat cartridge should be cleaned.
  5. Add lubricating oil to each sliding part before starting. If the machine is shut down for a long time, it must be turned on and off for 1 minute every half month to prevent some parts from rusting.