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Commercial sausage smoking machine
commercial sausage smoking machine
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The sausage smoking machine can be used to smoke sausages, ham sausages,  barbecues, and various fishes. It is controlled by manual electrical appliances and has a high degree of automation. The sausage smoking oven has electric and steam heating methods. And if you use steam heating, you need to have a boiler or configure a steam generator. The sausage smoking machine has a double-layer stainless steel structure, and the ultra-thick interlayer is filled with insulation material to reduce energy consumption. In addition, it integrates drying, baking, smoking, exhaust, and other functions as a whole, and is a very useful meat processing machine.

Smoked meat by the sausage smoker oven
Smoked Meat By The Sausage Smoker Oven

Sausage smoking machine operation video

Commercial sausage smoking oven technical parameter

Model Size (mm)(with electric cabinet and motor)Size of the body(mm)The size of the meat hanging part(mm)Capacity (KG)Total power(KW)
Gas heatingElectric heatingCool smoking
30Inner 110001300*1100*16701000*1100*1440800*715*880302.7515.753.7
Outside 12000302.7515.753.7
50Inner  160001350*1100*18401100*1150*1600900*820*1040503.516.54.5
Outside 17000504.516.54.62
75200001450*1150*20501100*1100*1850 756187.12
Size (cm)240*151*300135*151*300140*150*252110*198*17873*67*85
Total power11kw(gas heating)15kw13kw11kw10kw
Maximum oven temperature120℃120℃100℃100℃100℃
Gas consumption140kg/h70kg/h50kg/h30kg/h30kg/h
High-pressure steam pressure0.3-0.12Mpa0.3-0.8Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa0.2Mpa
Low-pressure steam pressure0.05-0.1Mpa0.05-0.1Mpa0.1Mpa0.1Mpa0.1Mpa

Advantages of sausage smoking machine

  1. The coloring effect is good with stable performance.
  2. It is suitable for laboratories and small meat processing factories and is an ideal energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.
  3. The sausage smoking machine has an automatic alarm function.
  4. Two or four temperature detection probes are available to monitor the temperature at any time.
  5. The pilot steam valve controls the steam flow with accurate temperature control, and the temperature difference of the whole tank is less than 1 °C.
  6. The wind blade is checked by a dynamic balance of 3000 rpm, and the maximum wind speed can reach 25 m / s, which effectively ensures that the product can be evenly heated in all aspects during the baking process.
  7. The smoke-generating device adopts the wood pellet smoker with stable smoking and fast coloring.
  8. The sausage smoking machine is equipped with a high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning the dirt in coils and pipes, and nozzles are installed in all directions in the coils and flue.
Intelligent sausage smoking oven
Intelligent Sausage Smoking Oven

Precautions for smoked sausage oven

  1. You only can use standard smoked materials.
  2. There must be sufficient wood chips in the hopper. If there are no wood chips, it may cause damage to the parts inside the smoked sausage oven.
  3. Do not touch any parts of the fish smoking oven when it is heated to prevent burns.
  4. Turn off the power when opening the oven door, which can prevent electric shock.
  5. Regularly check the sealing condition of the sausage smoking machine door and the smoker valve, and replace it if damaged.
  6. The internal temperature of the sausage smoking oven is high. Do not store easily flammable materials around the machine to avoid accidents.
  7. The machine has a special cigarette lighter, when burning wood chips, please check if the wood chips are on fire. If there is fire, please extinguish it in time to prevent fire accidents.
  8. When finishing, smoke and other substances will be produced in the furnace, and residual alkaline substances will affect the product. Therefore, it should be washed regularly with an alkaline solution with a pH lower than 12, and then rinsed with water more than three times.
  9. Wiring: The mainline needs to be connected to a cable that is not less than 16mm2, and the 100 air switch is required.
  10. Fan test: Turn on the fan switch and check that the fan is reversing.
Smoked sausage oven
Smoked Sausage Oven

How to smoke the raw material?

According to the way of smoking, it can be divided into indirect smoking and direct smoking. Direct smoking is a more traditional way, and using time is longer. The indirect smoking room is completely separated from the smoking chamber. It also can be distinguished on the basis of temperature: cold smoking, warm smoking, and hot smoking.

Structure introduction of a sausage smoking oven

The sausage smoking oven is mainly composed of a furnace body, a heating system, a circulating air system, and an electric control system.

  1. Furnace body: It is made of stainless steel and is also resistant to corrosion.
  2.  Cooking part: with an automatic steam generation system, smoking meat in the oven can directly heat the products. The steam generation can be adjusted according to different products. The pressure inside the box is not allowed to exceed 0.08Mpa.
  3. Circulating air system: equipped with a two-speed electric fan, the machine has high power and large air volume, which ensures the temperature rise of the oven, and the temperature is uniform.
  4. The smoking system: the upper part is the sewing box, and the foam is slowly burned by the heat and smoke, being sucked into the main unit by the fan to smoke the product.
Heating tube
Heating Tube

How to operate smoked sausage oven?

1. Turn on the machine and the power indicator should be on (note that the power supply is 380v+zero or 220V)

2. Turn on the “fan” switch to determine that the motor is running in a clockwise direction. 1.supercomputer model 2.the display button: control the start and stop of the fan

4. stop button

5.start button

6. Setting button: Press to enter the working temperature. Press and hold to set the system parameters.

7. plus key: Enter the setting state, press once to add one.

8.subtract key: Enter the setting state, press once to reduce one. After setting the required parameters, press the “Start” button and the smoked sausage oven will run automatically until the food is smoked.

Factory stock
Factory Stock

How to set the hidden options of smoked sausage oven?

1.Press “Settings” to set temperature correction, smoking tube opening time, smoking tube closing time, temperature difference.

2.Temperature correction: temperature correction range: -40 ° C – 40 ° C. It can be set when the actual temperature differs greatly from the ambient temperature

3.Smoking tube opening time: When the temperature rises to the required, the heating tube is opened at intervals.

4.Smoking tube opening time range: 10s – 100s.

5.Smoking tube closing time: When the temperature rises to the required, the heating tube will be closed at intervals.

6.Smoking pipe closing time range: 10s – 100s.

7.Temperature hysteresis: When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, heating will be started. For example, the temperature difference is 3 degrees Celsius and the smoke temperature is 100 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is lower than 97 degrees Celsius, the heating will start automatically.

8.Temperature hysteresis range: 1 ° C – 10 ° C.

9.Press and hold the start button to enter the working mode of the smoked sausage oven, press the plus or minus button to select the working mode, and it will automatically confirm after 30 seconds.

Finished product smoked by the meat smoking oven
Smoked Meat