French baguette making machine

baguette making machine

The French baguette making machine is a professional dough shaping machine for bread manufacturing. Its main function is rolling, rolling up, kneading, etc. The French baguette making machine has the function of forming the dough into a stick shape. It is mainly used for the shaping of French bread and is also suitable for the shaping of various dough such as toast and strip bread. The French baguette making machine can complete the shaping requirements after rolling according to the diameter and length of the product you need. Dough weight ranges from 50 grams to 1250 grams. Capacity is about 1200pcs per hour. The French baguette making machine is easy to operate, high in efficiency and good effect. It is a good helper for bread production.

baguette making machine

Operation instruction of the French baguette making machine:

The French baguette making machine needs to be cleaned before using. Open the feed port to check the dough press roller and scraper. There should be no dry residue on it. The conveyor belt should be clean, and no dry residua and other solid particles on the surface. There is no foreign matter between the front and rear feed plates. After inspection and cleaning the machine, install the feeding port, then turn on the power, start the machine and run the machine for a while. The left-hand wheel of the machine is used to adjust the thickness of the dough pressing. The gap becomes smaller when rotating clockwise. The gap becomes larger when rotating counterclockwise. Adjusting range is 0-19mm. You can know the dough thickness according to the hand wheel counter. The hand wheel rotates one circle, and the roller gap changes about 2mm. Adjust the distance between the feed plates by adjusting the hand wheel on the right side of the machine. The distance becomes larger when turn clockwise, the distance becomes smaller when turning counterclockwise. The hand wheel rotates one circle, and the distance changes about 10mm. The machine needs to be cleaned every day after using. Do not leave any wet residual on the surface of the roller, scraper and conveyor belt.

Installation instruction of the French baguette making machine:

  1. Look for a flat and spacious space according to the production line.
  2. Machine fixing: fix the wheel after positioning.
  3. Power: It needs professional electrician, the power supply must comply with the specifications and capacity label on the nameplate.
  4. Machine test: After turning on the main power switch (the right rear position of the machine), press the ON button directly in front of the machine to start the machine.
  5. Adjustment: Check if the conveyor belt is turned upwards according to the direction indicated by the arrow. If there is an error, please change any two-phase power cord and try again.

Technical parameters of the French baguette making machine:

Model Size Power Weight Voltage Dough weight
TZ-100 960*1010*1080mm 0.75kw 285kg 220v/380v 50-1250g