Commercial Arabic pita bread making machine

Pita bread production line
pita bread production line
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Pita bread making machine is also named Arabic bread maker machine, mainly used to produce Arabic bread. The production line includes a dough mixer, dough pressing machine, pita bread making machine, pita bread oven, and other machines. It also applies to producing chapatti, tortillas.

Arabic pita bread brief introduction

Arabic bread (Lebanese bread) is the famous pita bread, which is a round pancake made from wheat dough. It has a soft taste and can be used for dipping sauces, spreading sauces, and stuffing.

Pita bread production line operation video

Pita bread making machine’s list and parameters

1Dough mixer
Dough mixer
dough mixer




Size:980*510*1010mm 2 Dough pressing machine

Dough pressing machine
dough pressing machine



Weight:245kg 3 Tortilla making machine

Pita bread maker machine
pita bread maker machine




Weight:400kg 4 Pita bread oven

Pita bread oven
pita bread oven



Capacity:800-3300pcs/h(capacity depends on bread size)



Pita bread production process

Dough mixer

The dough mixer is a machine used to mix flour and water to make the dough. It has a variety of outputs. In addition, the machine adopts all 304 stainless steel. The machine has a mixer to continuously stir the dough to make the dough more gluten.

Dough pressing machine

The dough pressing machine is composed of a horizontal conveyor belt and a pressure roller. Put the dough at the entrance of the machine, the roller will squeeze the dough, then the squeezed dough falls on the conveyor belt. Repeating the above steps, you will get more chewy dough and get a better taste of pita bread.

Arabic bread making machine

The bread making machine is a machine for making round Arabic pita bread. It has the characteristics of automatic pressing and cutting. The mold size and shapes can be customized. Therefore, you can make different sizes and shapes of pita bread by changing the mold.

Pita bread chapatti processing machine
Pita Bread Chapatti Processing Machine

Pita bread oven

The oven is the most critical step in pita bread production. Pita bread is usually baked at high temperatures, and the water evaporates quickly under the action of high temperature. The dough expands like a balloon and is divided into two layers. This pita bread oven is generally used with the tortilla maker machine to form an automatic line. The machine has single-layer and double-layer models, and the heating methods include electric heating and gas heating.

Why is the chapatti maker machine worth investing in?

  1. Simple operation, saving labor

All the machines in the pita bread production line are made of food-grade stainless steel. Four machines can be controlled by an electric control cabinet to make the operation easier. Therefore, this pita bread production line only needs 1 to 2 laborers to operate.

  1. Large production output and high efficiency

The production line can produce more than 2,000pcs of bread in one hour. So you can sell this bread through retail or distribute it to wholesalers. Therefore, it has good economic benefits.

Pita bread processing machines exported to Guam

In February, we received an inquiry about the pita bread production line from a customer in Guam. He wants to make 13cm pita bread with 1500pcs/h capacity. According to his production requirements, we recommended our chapatti making machine and the smallest pita bread oven to him. After comparing the machine details and the quotation, he chose to order an oven from us.

Pita bread making machine
Pita Bread Making Machine

And the requirement for oven voltage is 220v 3, and the heating method is gas heating. After receiving the deposit, we manufactured the oven for him at once. During this time, he ordered a pita bread making machine and dough mixer from us again. And in order to match the oven width and his production output. We made him a bread maker with a 13cm*2 mold. This means that the machine has two molds, and it can bake two pieces of bread at a time when baking pita bread.

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