Fruit bubble washing machine got a Bolivian order

Fruit bubble washing machine for shipping
fruit bubble washing machine for shipping
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The fruit bubble washing machine is important equipment in the industrial fruit and vegetable cleaning line. It is often used to clean jujubes, strawberries, potatoes, various aquatic products, and large-grained grains. Recently, the Taizy factory exported a fruit bubble washing machine for cleaning grain to Bolivia, with an output of about 500kg per hour.

Why use a fruit bubble washing machine to clean grains?

In fact, this fruit bubble washing machine from our factory is a multifunctional cleaning equipment that can clean all kinds of fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, and grains. But in practical applications, most of our customers buy this equipment for their own food processing plants, fruit and vegetable farms, and restaurants, and few customers buy this bubble washer to clean grain.

Raw materials for washing for the bolivia customer
raw materials for washing for the Bolivia customer

The reason why the Bolivian customer wants to use the fruit bubble washing machine to wash grain is that this equipment has a high degree of cleaning and a large processing capacity, which is more in line with his needs. The customer’s raw material is a rice-like grain with a size of about 3mm. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have customized conveyor belts with smaller meshes for this equipment.

Bubble washing machine for grain cleaning
bubble washing machine for grain cleaning

When using the bubble cleaning machine, we need to fill an appropriate amount of water into the equipment box in the front part of the machine and heat the water through the heating tube. When the raw material passes through the box, it will be in a rolling state under the combined action of the air bubble machine and water and will continue to move forward with the mesh belt. When the material is out of the water, the upper end of the machine frame is equipped with a spray head, which can carry out secondary high-pressure washing on the material.

Details of Bolivian order of fruit bubble washing machine

The Bolivian customer has a small farm that mainly grows various types of grains. The customer uses these grains for further processing to make processed food raw materials. In order to ensure the taste of the food, the grain must be thoroughly cleaned, but the cleaning effect of the general grain washing machine cannot meet the needs of this customer. Therefore, the customer asked us whether the fruit bubble washing machine can be used to wash the grain.

Customized mesh belt
customized mesh belt

We customized the machine’s conveyor belt, voltage, machine length, and width according to the customer’s raw material and processing needs. In addition, in order to make the machine easy to move, we also installed universal wheels for the device.

Shipment of washing machine for bolivia
shipment of washing machine for Bolivia

Parameters of bubble washing machine for Bolivia

washing machine     Model: TZ-800
Power: 0.55kw
Bubble power: 0.75kw
Spray power: 1.1kw
Voltage: 380v,50hz
Belt width: 800mm
Capacity: 500kg/h

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