Semi-automatic potato chips production line

Semi-automatic potato chips production line (1)
Semi-automatic potato chips production line (1)

Semi-automatic potato chips production line

Taizy provides customers with solid potato chips/ fries solutions for you to start your own potato chips business smoothly and successfully.

The automatic French fries/potato chips production line, using the domestic experience as reference, has simplified the manufacturing process and condensed the generally fine performances of the former design of potato chips production line, and at the same time referred the customer feedback as the basic rule of equipment design and development. It has the advantages of high degree of automation, can save labor, improve work efficiency and make profit for customers. Therefore, Taizy’s potato chips/ French fries processing line is widely utilized in potato and other round root veggies, or instance, carrots, onions, beets, sweet potatoes, etc. and was highly praised by customers running manufactory, fresh fruit, vegetable retailers, and employee’s dining room, etc. at home and aboard.

With the potato production line characterized by high-end manufacturing technology based on research and development and supported by Taizy’s professional personnel, Taizy is your ideal choice for you to cooperate with.

1.Washing and peeling machine:

brush cleaning and peeling machine can be used to accomplish the potato chips’ cleaning and peeling work simultaneously. High efficiency and low damage rate. Cleaning and peeling machine is also suitable for other tuber crops or round vegetables, fruits cleaning and peeling, such as beet, radish, sweet potato and so on.


2. Cutting/slicing machine:

the cutting/slice machine widely used for tuber crop processing, is clean and pollution-free, with finished products it processed of uniform size and low damage rate. Chipping and slicing thickness are both adjustable.


3. Blanching machine:

for rinsing and color-protection of the half-finished chips or slices. In this step, potato chips/slices are sterilized with their excess starch removed from the surface of them, so as to produce crisp and tender chips.


4. Dewatering machine:

adopt the principle of centrifugal dewatering, safe, convenient and efficient. Dehydration before frying can prevent splash of hot oil when frying, and greatly shorten the frying time, improve the taste of potato chips/fries.


5. Oil-water mixing/integrated frying machine:

due to the different density of water and oil, the oil separate from water automatically–Water as lower layer, oil heated as upper layer during potato chip frying. The residue created during producing will sediment to water layer automatically, during which, no black-smoke emission from the boiled oil, thus the life cycle of oil greatly are highly extended. Accurate oil temperature controlling system ensures the quality and taste of finished potato chips and fries. After processing, the sewage water can be discharged carrying residue trough the sewage outlet at bottom of the fryer, so as to ensure the hygienic production environment.


6. De-oiling machine:

the centrifugal de-oiling machine can remove extra oil content from fried/ potato chips to avoid greasy finger and to enhances the texture of potato chips/slices.


7. Seasoning machine:

after de-oiling, potato chips /fries are convoyed for seasoning and flavoring. With simple and practical structure design, the octagonal barrel is made of stainless steel to flavor fried chips thoroughly and evenly. Automatic discharge, clean and sterilized working environment, and convenient clean and maintenance without overlooked corners. It can also be applied to seasoning of puff food, cold dishes, etc.


8. Double-chamber packaging machine:

oxygen or nitrogen is filled into bags during packaging, which can effectively prevent chips/fries from being broken or polluted and extend its shelf life. Inflating, packing and coding are completed all-in-one. The double chamber vacuum packing machine is also suitable for semi-finished packaging of frozen French fries.


Flowchart of French fries processing line:

Cleaning/washing and peeling machine — slicing/cutting machine — blanching machine — de-watering machine — frying machine — de-oiling machine — flavoring machine — vacuum packaging machine

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