Fried Food Processing

Frying Machine with Mesh Conveyer

Mesh conveyer frying machine (1)
Mesh conveyer frying machine (1)

Functional characteristics of the mesh belt frying machine:

(1) The deep-frying machine adopts the advanced oil-water integration technology, which overcomes the defects of the traditional deep-frying machine and automatically filters to keep the Fried oil clean, so that the fried products are of consistent quality, which can not only improve the product quality, extend the shelf life, but also bring higher added value to the product.

(2) Automatic control of frying oil temperature and water temperature can always maintain a good working state, not only improve the output but also can make the product quality stable, color, smell and taste good.

(3) Continuous frying machine can achieve automatic filtration, can greatly extend the service life of frying oil, without a frequent oil change, so as to realize low oil consumption.

(4) The advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy waste to a greater extent and saves a lot of energy expenditure.

(5) The continuous working method of the frying machine improves efficiency and effectively reduces cost on oil or energy consumption, which is also very helpful for saving expenditure on labor and management.

(6) The machine is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, strong and durable, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance

(7) De-oiling machine, oil filter and frying machines and other supporting equipment will be supplied according to depending on various situations.

Applicable scope of mesh belt frying machine:

1. Cooked wheaten food: fried dough twist, rice crust, deep-fried dough stick, Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame, gluten, rice stick, caramel treats, etc.

2. Meat: Braised chicken (coloring), salted duck (coloring), braised pork in brown sauce, meatballs, beef jerky, pork belly, chicken thighs, pig feet.

3. Nuts: Peanuts, green beans, broad beans, sunflower seeds.

4. Soybean products: Dried bean curd, fish-flavored bean curd, etc.

5. Seafood: shrimp, scallop, small fish larvae, squid rings, squid larvae, ribbonfish segment.

6. Fruits and vegetables: carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, garlic, onion, mushroom, gourd, okra and so on.

7. Other classes: Vegetable tart, tempura, eggplant box, fried dough-covered lotus root, and all kinds of fried puffed food.

Description of the main parts of the mesh belt frying machine

1.Net belt type frying machine is comprised of three layers of conveyor belt, the upper layer is the anti-floating conveyor belt, the middle is the frying conveyor belt, and the lower layer is the slag scraping mesh belt. The top of the equipment is equipped with plume trap.

2. Before starting the frying machine, please make sure the 3-phase 4-core wires are connected and the total power of the cable is not less than 120 square meters and 245kw. Wire shall be reliably grounded.


The frying machine thermocouple can control the oil temperature automatically. 3 thermocouples equipped in the tank is to remain the oil temperature balance. If the oil temperature is too high, the heating pipe will stop working automatically. The circulating pump equipped in the frying machine can balance the temperature in the whole oil tank.
Add oil to the tank

4. After the equipment is shut down, the pipeline valve cannot be opened until the oil temperature drops under 50 degrees and the oil pump can be opened to discharge oil residue until there is no residual oil in the oil tank (close the oil returning pipeline valve before opening the pipeline valve).

5.Storage tank: the oil stored can only be used for frying and cannot be connected with other equipment

6.Liquid crystal display panel: the temperature and time required for product frying can be set.