How is the fruit juice sterilization machine price

Fruit juice sterilization machine
fruit juice sterilization machine
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The tunnel UV sterilizer machine adopts the principle of ultraviolet disinfection, which mainly acts on air, water, and surface of objects. Compared with other sterilization methods, the use of ultraviolet sterilization will not affect the taste of food. Therefore,many customer applies the UV sterilizer machine in the fruit juice sterilization. The juice sterilizer machine has a wide application and a good sterilization effect. And it will not hurt the sterilized food.

Sterilization principle of UV food sterilization machine

The ultraviolet wavelength is the most lethal in the range of 240~280nm. Especially when the wavelength is 253.7, the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet rays is the strongest. Ultraviolet rays in this band easily destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in bacterial viruses. It will cause growth cell death and (or) regenerative cell death to achieve the effect of sterilization.

When using the fruit juice sterilizer machine, the objects are transported through the conveyor belt into the sterilization area. The sterilization area is covered by ultraviolet lamps in all directions. The lamp tube irradiates the object to sterilize it. Ultraviolet rays enhance the sterilization effect in a dark environment, and the tunnel sterilizer uses this principle to enhance the sterilization effect. The UV food sterilizer machine can achieve the sterilization effect within 1 second.

Uv sterilization machine
Uv Sterilization Machine

Factors affecting the price of fruit juice sterilization machine

The main factors affecting the fruit juice sterilizer machine are: machine length, number of lamps

  1. Machine length. Different customers have different requirements for the length of the sterilization area. We provide 2m, 3m, 5m, and more length machines for customers to choose from.
  2. The number of lamps. The lamp tube of the sterilization machine has a limited service life. Therefore, many customers consider the convenience of replacing the lamp tube later. They usually purchase a lot of lamp tubes at the same time as the fruit juice sterilization machine. Therefore, the number of lamps also affects the UV food sterilizer machine’s final price.


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