Ultraviolet sterilization machine

Ultraviolet sterilization machine
Ultraviolet sterilization machine

Introduction of Ultraviolet sterilization machine

The ultraviolet sterilization machine can be used to sterilize air and objects. It is widely used in hospitals, food, cosmetics and packaging products, food factories, cosmetics factories, dairy factories, breweries, beverage factories, bakeries, and cold rooms. And can extend the product shelf life and so on. The sterilizer is not only popular with food sterilization but also with mask sterilization.

Ultraviolet sterilization machine
Ultraviolet sterilization machine

The principle of ultraviolet sterilization

Electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 100-400nm is called ultraviolet (UV) radiation or ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet light of solar radiation will be partially absorbed when passing through the atmosphere, so the ultraviolet wavelength in the environment is 290-400nm. The lamp light source of the sterilization machine is between this range, so it can effectively sterilize.

On the one hand, ultraviolet rays can destroy the structure of ribonucleic acid (RNA) or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in microorganisms, causing the growth of cells to die, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization. It can eliminate many viruses and bacteria, molds and spores, and fungi and yeast. On the other hand, UV food sterilization improves food safety, extends shelf life, prevents foodborne diseases, controls insects, and even delays the early germination of potatoes and onions.

Internal structure parameters of the sterilization machine

Light source distribution

The ultraviolet sterilization machine adopts 16 sets of 20W special ultraviolet sterilization lamps. Evenly distributed in the furnace, 5 lamps at the top and bottom, 3 lamps at the left and right, with UV reflector (inner box mirror stainless steel plate), greatly improving the use rate of ultraviolet.The usage rate is up to 90%. Each group of sterilization lamps can be controlled independently, and an adjustment device can be added to adjust the angle of the UV lamp. The total length of the lamp is 600mm, the effective light distance is 150mm, the wavelength is 254mm, and the sterilization rate can reach 95%. The use time of the lamp tube is convenient for the lamp tube replacement.

Ultraviolet sterilization machine lamp distribution
Ultraviolet sterilization machine lamp distribution

UV light sterilizer transmission part

The transmission part of the machine adopts a Taiwan 120w step-less speed regulating motor, which can adjust the speed; Teflon or PVC material conveyor belt (can be selected according to the needs of customers’ sterilizing raw materials), equipped with rollers at the front and back, fixed mesh belt, to prevent chaotic damage to the mesh belt.

Ultraviolet sterilization machine details
Ultraviolet sterilization machine

Sterilization area

The feed inlet of the sterilization area is protected from light, equipped with a hood and an adjustable baffle to retain the light source in a larger area. The outer shell of the UV sterilizer is formed by bending a 1.2 cm cold plate. Brushed stainless steel on the surface of the Ultraviolet sterilization machine (not ordinary fuel injection); corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The bottom is equipped with four movable casters for easy movement.

Ultraviolet sterilization machine
Ultraviolet sterilization machine

UV food sterilizer performance

Machine model: TZ-600

This machine meets the standards of GB 4789.2, GB 4789.3, GB 4789.4, GB 4789.5, GB 4789.10, and so on.

Machine size

Full length 2000mm
UV working area 1000mm
Inlet area 500mm
Outlet area 500mm
Height of entrance 200mm(adjustable)
Height of exit 500mm
The distance between the conveyor and ground 750±50mm

The main structure of the UV sterilizer

  1. The outer body of the working area tunnel: a set of 1.2mm high-quality stainless steel
  2. The inner cavity of the working area tunnel: a set of 1.2mm mirror stainless steel plates
  3. Body support frame: a set of Fangtong steel
  4. Air transport system: forced air exhaust fan per set
  5. Thermal insulation material: vacuum aluminum silicate + silk cotton double layer
  6. Conveyor belt: Teflon mesh belt(PVC)
  7. Balance device: Horizontal foot cup
Ultraviolet sterilization machine
Ultraviolet sterilization machine

Equipment and electrical parts

  1. Main switch: 15A
  2. Total power: 1.5KW
  3. Adjustable speed range of mesh belt: 0-5m/min
  4. Transportation motor: 800W
  5. Governor: 500W
  6. Exhaust fan: CY-125
  7. Ammeter: 50A/set
  8. Working voltage: 220V (+5)
  9. Sterilization lamp: Philips, Netherlands Life expectancy: 8000-1000 hours/support


Machine protection device

1. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection

When the voltage or current flowing through the protected original exceeds a certain value set in advance, the protection device is activated to trip the circuit breaker or give an alarm signal to protect the circuit.

2.Fault alarm prompt

When a fault occurs somewhere and cannot work, an alarm will be issued to remind workers to overhaul, reducing serious faults caused by untimely repair.

3.Equipment overload protection

Overload protection can prevent the occurrence of protector heating damage to electrical appliances due to overload of the main line

Ultraviolet sterilization machine delivery picture
Ultraviolet sterilization machine delivery picture

Our service

  1. The UV sterilizer machine quality assurance system is strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 quality standards
  2. After the transaction, we will send the machine manual to the customer
  3. When the equipment cannot work normally due to quality or other reasons, our company will reply within 24 hours after being notified;
  4. We supply one year warranty


1. My ingredients are rolled, and they are very long. Can the machine kill the bacteria inside?

A: Yes, the machine sterilization range is 200mm

2. Can the density and height of the lamp be adjusted?

A: No

3.How many lamps in one machine?


4. What is the lamps’material?

A:Dedicated UV lamp



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