How to make Tahini sesame butter commercially?

Commercial tahini grinding machine
commercial tahini grinding machine
After the continuous development and progress of science and technology, there are three main types of modern commercial tahini making machine. They make it easier to make tahini.
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Tahini is a food made by grinding sesame as a raw material. Sesame is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. The ground sesame paste by the tahini making machine has the nutrients of sesame. During the grinding process, the fragrance of sesame is released. Therefore, tahini has a mellow taste. Sesame paste has a wide range of uses. It can be used as a condiment, mixed with vegetables, noodles, or mixed with other sauces to make a seasoning.

Commercial tahini making machine

Through the changes and development of the times, it has developed three types of tahini making machines.

Stone sesame paste machine

Stone sesame paste machine
Stone Sesame Paste Machine

The previous stone grinder tahini machine was pushed by people, and the materials were placed on the stone grinder. A person can grind and discharge the material with one push. But with the development of machine intelligence, the current sesame paste stone grinder is driven by a motor. After plugging in the electricity, the stone mill automatically rotates to grind the material. This kind of stone-grinding sauce grinder still exists in many factories that use ancient methods to grind sauce.

Automatic mechanical sesame sauce grinder

Commercial tahini making machine
Commercial Tahini Making Machine

The automatic mechanized tahini making machine is a new generation machine developed on the basis of the stone grinder. Its sauce grinding function determines by the stator and rotor. There is a pair of stators and rotors in the machine’s sauce grinding place, the rotor is constantly rotating under the drive of the motor, but the stator does not move. When the material passes through the stator and rotor, the rotor continuously grinds the material to realize the function of grinding sauce. This commercial sesame paste grinder can adjust the machine to control the size of the feed and the speed of grinding. It is the best machine for nut grinding butter and material emulsification.

Combination sesame paste grinding machine

Combination sesame paste grinding machine
Combination Sesame Paste Grinding Machine

The combined sauce grinder is a machine formed by combining several automatic mechanized sauce grinders together. Therefore, the machine can grind the material many times. The more grinding times, the greater the fineness of the tahini, and the finer the tahini. Many large-scale peanut butters, sesame sauce, and chili sauce factories use this combination sauce grinder to achieve one-time sauce grinding.

How does a commercial tahini machine make tahini?

Commercial tahini machine has simple operation, it only needs to put the material in the feeding port, and the machine will automatically grind the material. This commercial sesame paste grinder mainly uses a rotor to rotate and grind materials. The fluid from the first coarse grinding process of the combined sauce grinder automatically flows to the next grinder for grinding. After multiple grinding by the machine, it can reach the desired fineness. Commercial Sesame Sauce Grinding Machine is suitable for materials with higher viscosity and larger particles. During the grinding process, the nutrients in sesame and other raw materials will not be destroyed.

Make sesame paste with the commercial machine
Make Sesame Paste With The Commercial Machine

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