How to open a milk tea shop?

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Now the milk tea market is very prosperous, and the number of beverage stores is constantly increasing. The rich variety of new milk teas and their unique flavors have attracted many consumers. There are more and more people opening milk tea shops, which has also driven the sales of tapioca pearl making machine. So how does a beginner open a milk tea shop? How can I run it smoothly?

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First, the location of the shop

Young people who drink tapioca pearl tea occupy the majority, so you can choose the place near schools, inside shopping malls, and more prosperous areas in the city center.

Second, the method to make milk tea

The process of making milk tea is very strict about the quantity, and it is also very important to buy a high-quality tapioca pearl making machine. A good cup of tapioca pearl tea not only needs time-honed, but also requires you to accurately grasp the formula. It is important for you to think about the order of the various ingredients when making, which will help you to have a deeper understanding of it.

Third, the skills of tea shop management

If you want to run your milk tea shop for a long time. In addition to delicious products, management skills are also very crucial.

Create a topic and maintain exposure

For a new milk tea shop, without a consumption basis, anyone passing by maybe your potential customer. Therefore, the tea shop needs to arrange some activities such as discounts or inviting new customers to try a new type of tapioca pearl tea for free. What’s more, you can play a game machine at the store entrance, and customers can get a free cup of tea if he is able to win the game for three-round. You should create topics, maintain store exposure all the time, which can fully drive the desires consumer.

Focus on service for old customers and improving service quality for new customers

Whether it is a new tea shop or an old one, old customers are often one of the most important sources.

Therefore, in addition to ensuring that the taste and quality of the milk tea, the service quality of staff must also be continuously improved. There should never be situations like this, the customer has entered the store, but no one is entertaining; when the customer enters the tea shop, the staff is still playing with the mobile phone. What have to remember is that you can not let the customer wait you forever, and you should take the initiative to serve them.

At present, consumer experience is concerned, and a growing number of customers pay attention to the shopping experience over price. So, you should remember it in mind, that is, tapioca pearl tea is not the thing they really care about, but to enjoy the service after the purchase. If a customer has a bad purchase experience in your store, it will be difficult for her to enter the store next time. Even worse, they may also tell her friends about her encounter, which indirectly affects their friend’s purchase choices.

Shaping your shop image

The image of the store is not only the decoration of the store. The image of the staff is also very important. The clean uniform looks more professional than casual clothes, and it is more reassuring to consumers.

The shop staff should communicate more with consumers. The warm service is always easy for consumers to remember.

Attract customers with prizes and membership points

How to do it effectively? The point is to know what your customers are really interested in. There was a person who opened a tea shop next to a university. He found that many students were playing League of Legends. He bought many models of characters and weapons in the League of Legends and put them in the store as rewards, which attracts many customers.

Now, I think you have known well how to open a milk tea shop. Importantly, a good tapioca pearl shop can not run well without a perfect commercial boba balls maker, so you need to be careful when selecting the tapioca pearl making machine.


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