Jujube nuclear machine & cherry nut removing machine

Jujube unclear machine
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The jujube nuclear machine is also called a cherry nut-removing machine. It can also remove dried dates, dates, olives, and cherry pits. Jujube is rich in protein, which is very beneficial to human health, so the jujube processing industry plays an important role in the food industry.

The contact part with jujube is made of stainless steel (This machine can also be made of full stainless steel according to customer requirements). This machine has the advantages of large output, low damage rate, and clean nuclear. It is the first choice for jujube processing.

Introduction of the Jujube nuclear machine/cherry nut removing machine:

The jujube nuclear machine is a fully automatic machine.
1. Put the raw material into the inlet. The material will enter the template hole.
2. Then the top column places the jujube into the right place and the machine needle pushes out the jujube nut.

The damage rate of the jujube nuclear machine is very low, the peeling rate is as high as 99.9%, and it will not waste pulp. Different models can handle dates/cherries with different diameters. One machine can process dates with a certain diameter. Usually, the diameter range is 12-20mm. It can also be customized according to user requirements.

Jujube nuclear machine

Advantages of the Jujube nuclear machine/cherry nut removing machine:

  1. A jujube nuclear machine is an automatic machine that can save labor costs and production time.
  2. This machine has a high peeling rate above 99.9% which can avoid pulp waste.
  3. The residual nuclear rate is less than 2%, which is a good choice for jujube processing.
  4. It is made of stainless steel which meets the requirements of the food processing industry.
  5. It can remove the nut. If the jujube needs to be split, this machine can also achieve it.

Customer use case:

There is a customer from South Korea named Seungjin who manages a jujube processing factory. He wants to process the jujube with nut removal and jujube splitting. He sends the raw material to us. We test the machine with his material. Then we take a video and send it to him. He is so satisfied with the machine text effect and plays an order immediately. He orders a larger capacity after receiving the machine.

Technical parameters of the jujube nuclear machine:

ModelPowerCapacityPeeling rateResidual nuclear rateAdaptation(jujube diameter)

Another two kinds of date pitting machines

Type 1:Jujube core opening machine

Jujube pitting opening machine can be used for jujube pitting and openings with irregular shapes, and it can process winter dates. The equipment is simple in structure, easy to operate, and has a very low failure rate.

Type 2:Jujube pitting and slicing machine

The jujube pitting and slicing machine is an integrated machine for corer and slicing, which can be used for slicing and cutting. This machine is a highly automated machine, it has two sets of PLC control systems to control the machine. So it has a high output, and its output can reach 150-200kg/h. The key components of the machine are imported from Taiwan, so that the punching needle is precisely aligned with the date, ensuring the efficiency of nuclear removal.

Jujube pitting and slicing machine
Jujube Pitting And Slicing Machine

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We not only provide separate jujube pitting machines, but we also provide other equipment for the jujube cleaning and processing line. Such as the jujube grading machine, jujube cleaning machine, jujube dryer, jujube frying machine, and other machines.

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