Grape juicer machine / ice grape press machine

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Grape juicer machine is to press grade and get its juice, especially the ice grape, and it is the special equipment for brewing ice wine. Most important, it combines advanced Italian technology and hydraulic automatic control. The juice tray has a moving wheel and manual hydraulic lifting, which is convenient to operate. The frame rail is composed of two semi-circles, which are in the form of a wooden strip structure and a stainless steel plate punching. The wooden strip structure is a traditional ancient process for brewing ice wine in Europe. The punching structure of the stainless steel plate has reasonable design and bears high grade, and you can choose one according to your need.

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With static pressing, the juice yield is extremely high, and the with the Grape juicer machine is made of stainless steel, and it can be used to process any juice and vegetable without large-shaped fruit kernel. It is also called multifunctional juicer.

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Technical parameter

Capacity 0.8t/h (affected by material properties)
Motor power 3Kw
Hydraulic cylinder working pressure ≤25Mpa
The maximum pressure of the equipment ≤30Mpa
Piston rod length 800 mm
Frame diameter 817 mm
Frame height 950 mm
Dimensions 1850 × 1850 × 2950mm
Guide vane The guide disc is a hemp woven piece. When loading, it is placed in the middle of the material, which can improve the juice yield.
Net weight 1.65t
Standard configuration one sets juicing machine

Two sets of 304 stainless steel juice trays

Two sets of frame rails (304 stainless steel)


The structure and working principle

Structure of ice grape press machine

The machine consists of a frame, a hydraulic system, a movable platen, a mobile juice pan, and a split frame rail.


Working principle of ice grape press machine

  1. The juice tray is mounted on a small frame with wheels, and the frame rail is placed on the juice tray.
  2. After loading, the operator pushes the trolley into the movable platen of the rack, and the material is squeezed out under the force of the movable platen.
  3. In order to increase the juicing rate, you can place a guide disc among the materials. The juice is collected from the juice tray and discharged through the juice tube.


  1. The special design guide disc can greatly improve the juicing rate.
  2. ice grape press machine has different models with different capacities, and you can choose according to your need.
  3. It is not only suitable for juicing ice grape but for other varieties of grapes, pitaya and other fruits.
  4. There are three stages of pressure, that is, 10Mpawith 20 minutes, 20Mpa with 10 minutes, and 30Mpa with 10 minutes, and you can adjust it according to your real situation to get highest juicing rate.
  5. The pressing time control part is externally adjusted by the PLC, and the user can adjust to the optimal press time according to the actual situation, thenfixing the press time mode.

Note: In order to improve the efficiency of the grape juicer machine, the standard configuration is: one juicing machine, two sets of frame rails with trolley), one set for pressing, and the other set is for loading and unloading.

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