Korean rice cake machine | natural rice pop cake machine

Rice cake machine
The industrial electric rice cake machine is used to make rice into rice crackers. The rice cracker machine can be used to puff natural rice and artificial rice.
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Rice cake machine is also called rice pop cake machine. It is used to produce round rice cake that has very good taste and bright color and can be divided into two types including low-fitting and high fitting. The raw material of low fitting machine is white rice that has been milled by the milling machine, but the high fitting machine can process the natural rice with husk. Beyond all question, the high fitting machine is more expensive then the other one, but you can get higher-quality rice cake.

Rice cake machine
Rice Cake Machine
Rice cake
Rice Cake

Industrial rice cake making machine operation video

Electric rice cake popping machine parameter

Voltage 220v
Power 1.3kw
Size 50*28*51cm
Weight 64kg
Capacity 450 pieces/h
Rice cake machine
Rice Cake Machine

The preoccupation of rice cracker machine

  1. The quality of rice cake is affected by the moisture of rice, and it is necessary to ensure that the moisture.
  2. If excessively strengthening the pressure, the surface of the rice cake may appear watery, causing the rice cake to split. If excessively reducing the pressure, the rice cake will be small with a yellowish color.
  3. The mold is cleaned at least once a day, and the residue on the surface of the mold may cause the surface of the rice cake, which will also have a certain effect on the color of the cake.
  4. If the pressure adjustment handle is excessively pulled out(3cm or more), such an operation will damage the device.
  5. When the distance between the support rod and the spoon exceeds 2 mm, the rice will be thrown out, and the width between them is 1-2 mm.
  6. They can make rice cake with different shapes as follow, and you can choose the mold you like.
Rice cake making machine
Rice Cake Making Machine
Rice cake making machine
Rice Cake Making Machine

Picture of the finished product

The malfunction and related solution of rice cake machine

  1. The size of the cake is small


(1). When the rice cake is pulled out with a small size, the temperature should be increased by 2 to 5 degrees (the rice cake size is 13-14cm);

(2). Adjust the pressure adjusting device on the back of the rice cake maker machine clockwise.

Note: if the size of the rice cake is successfully changed by increasing the temperature by 2 to 5 degrees, it is not necessary to adjust the pressure.

  1. rice cake is broken.

Solution: Rotate the pressure adjustment device counterclockwise to decrease the pressure

  1. Rice cake has a strange color

(1). The color of the rice cake is white.

Rotate the two pressure adjustment devices counterclockwise to increase the temperature by 3 to 5 degrees

(2). Rice cake is dark yellow.

Rotate the two pressure adjustment devices clockwise to reduce the temperature by 3 to 5 degrees

Note: The pressure needs to be controlled within three squares of rotation.

Korea rice cake maker working steps

  1. Click the“ON” button (red indicates the current temperature and green indicates the set temperature)
  2. Set the temperature: click the “SET ” button, the green number on the screen flashes.
  3. The up and down button can adjust the temperature.
  4. After the adjustment is completed, click “SET” to save the operation.

Note: If there is not much difference in the moisture content of the raw materials, you can just adjust the temperature to control the size of rice cake. The maximal temperature is 270℃.

Advantages of natural rice cracker machine

  1. Mold can be customized, and we can produce it according to your needs.
  2. The rice cake can be directly eaten after processing, and its taste is delicious.
  3. All process is automatic, saving time and energy.
  4. Only one cake can be pulled out within a few seconds, enabling the quality of it.

Product details

Machine's detail

How to clean this machine?

The operator should remove residual stains on the Korean rice cake machinery (shovel, metal brush, cotton gloves, cotton)

  1. Shovel: remove the residue of the upper mold.
  2. metal brush: remove the residue of the upper and lower mold.
  3. cotton gloves: in order to protect shovel and metal brushes (100% cotton).
  4. Cotton cloth: After removing the residue by shovel and metal brush, you should clean the surface of the mold with a cotton cloth.

Note: Cloth must contain 100% cotton, otherwise the residual temperature may cause the cotton to stick.

Successful case

We sold 2 sets rice cake maker with high fitting to America this week. This rice cake maker machine is very popular in different countries, so it is a hot sale product, and the following is the packing details.

Shipment picture 14

Shipment picture 13


  1. Can I customize the size of the mold?

Yes, mold can be customized, so the diameter is rice cake is different as well.

  1. Can rice cake machine process the natural rice with husk?

Only high fitting rice cake maker can do it.

  1. How can I maintain the machine?

Clean it and remember to add lubrication oil regularly.

  1. Can I add other crops before the operation?

Yes, you can.

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