Why did Japanese customers buy rice cake machine twice?

Japanese customer placed rice cake machine twice
Japanese customer placed rice cake machine twice
The rice cake machine has a large production output and a good shape. Japanese customers place order twice for the rice cake machine.
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The rice cake machine is used to puff rice crackers with various flavors. It is suitable for puffed brown rice, rice, red rice, artificial rice, and other raw materials. The rice crackers produced are deeply loved by consumers. Rice cakes are a low-calorie product, which has very large market potential. Therefore, it is very suitable for small investors to operate. We have exported this commercial rice cake machine to South Korea, Japan, Latvia, Africa, and many other regions. Japanese customers placed orders for rice cake machine twice from us.

How does the rice cake machine produce rice cakes?

Rice cake machine japan
Rice Cake Machine Japan

The rice cake machine heats the puffed rice under high temperature and high pressure to puff the rice into a round rice cake shape. First, preheat the machine to about 230°C. After the temperature reaches the set temperature, pour the rice in from the feed port. Pressing another switch, the machine begins to puff and press to form. The formed rice cake is ejected from the bottom of the machine, and a pressed rice cake is automatically ejected every few seconds. The machine can adjust the size of the pressed rice cakes by adjusting the buttons on the machine. The prepared rice crackers can be eaten right away.

Why do Japanese customers place orders twice?

The Japanese customer sent us an inquiry about a rice cake machine around April 2020. The client plans to start a rice cake-making business with his partner in Latvia. After watching the machine video and quotation, the customer quickly bought the rice cracker machine. After receiving the machine, he immediately used it to make rice crackers. The prepared rice cakes are of uniform thickness and shape. He is very satisfied with the machine.

Japanese customer buy rice cake machine
Japanese Customer Buy Rice Cake Machine

At the end of November, he returned an order to us for a rice cracker machine. Some problems occurred during using the second machine. After video guidance by our skilled workers, the machine resumed normal operation. In March of this year, his Latvian partner said that he would purchase an additional rice cracker with a larger output to expand production.

Puffed rice cake with package
Puffed Rice Cake With Package

The rice cracker machine provided by Taizy has a large production output, a good finished product, simple use of the machine, and diverse functions. Moreover, our perfect after-sales service has been recognized by customers. Therefore, the Japanese customer was able to purchase the rice cracker machine with a second-order return. The Japanese customer said that he plans to purchase packaging machines and other equipment from us.

Features of rice cake machine

  • This commercial electric rice cake machine is suitable for puffing a variety of raw materials, such as brown rice, rice, red rice, artificial rice, followed by: barley, barley rice, corn, etc.
  • The size and thickness of the made rice cakes can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of different customers.
  • The rice cake machine has a large processing output, which can process about 400 rice cakes in one hour.
  • The shape of the rice cake can also be customized according to customer needs.

If you need a rice cake machine to make rice crackers, please contact us.

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