Meat grinder and bone grinder for a whole chicken, fish

Commercial meat grinder machine for bones
commercial meat grinder machine for bones
The commercial meat bone grinder is suitable for mincing meat with bones, the size of the minced meat can be customized.
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The commercial meat bone grinder is used to grind meat with hard bones into fine particles. The minced meat can be processed into sausages, meatballs, condiments, and other products. It can grind whole chickens, ducks, and other meats. The size of the crushed material determines according to the aperture size of the discharged material. Therefore, the machine can control the size of the output by changing the orifice plates of different sizes. The entire meat grinder machine adopts food-grade materials, corrosion-resistant and durable.

Commercial meat bone grinder application

The commercial meat grinder for bones is suitable for mincing all kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken skeleton, duck skeleton, fish, etc. It is widely used in various sausages, pet food, meatballs, and other meat products industries. Compared with a frozen meat grinder, this poultry bone grinder can crush hard meat with bones.

Meat bone grinder machine application
Meat Bone Grinder Machine Application

 Poultry bone grinder working principle

The poultry bone grinder uses the shearing action formed by the rotating cutting blade and the perforated blade on the orifice plate to chop up the raw materials. It mainly relies on the rotating screw to push the raw materials in the hopper to the orifice plate. Then the shear force between the orifice plate and the cutting knife shreds the raw material.

Under the pressure of screw extrusion, the raw materials are continuously discharged out of the machine. The whole chicken grinding machine can equip with corresponding cutting tools and orifice plates according to the nature of the material and the requirements of the processing technology. Therefore, the machine can process particles of different sizes.

Poultry bone grinder
Poultry Bone Grinder

Chicken bone meat grinder machine video

How to use a meat bone grinder machine?

  • Before using the machine for processing, adjust the flat ruler to the required width according to the size of the input material. After locking the flat ruler and the handle, start the machine processing.
  • When replacing and installing the saw blade, please make sure that the direction of the sawtooth is downward. If it is not correct, it needs to be adjusted.
  • Please loosen the saw blade tensioning handle after use to reduce the fatigue of the saw blade and increase its life of the saw blade.
Electric meat bone grinder machine
Electric Meat Bone Grinder Machine

Precautions for using the meat bone grinder machine

  • Since the saw blade runs at high speed, the switch should be turned off when not using the machine to prevent damage
  • When using the machine to mincemeat, make sure that no other metal objects are entrained in the raw materials to avoid chipping or damage to the saw blade to ensure safe work.
  • Since the tool of the machine rotates at a high speed, children are strictly forbidden to approach it during work.
Meat grinder and bone grinder
Meat Grinder And Bone Grinder

Automatic meat bone grinder machine characteristics

  • The poultry meat bone grinder machine uses high-quality stainless steel. It does not pollute processed materials and meets food hygiene standards.
  • After special heat treatment, the tool has superior wear resistance and long service life.
  • The cutter can be adjusted or replaced at will according to actual requirements.
  • Simple operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, and easy cleaning.
  • It has a wide application range, the original nutrients can be kept well after the materials are processed, and the freshness preservation effect is good.


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