Meat grinder

industrial meat grinding machine
industrial meat grinding machine

Frozen meat mincer/ meat grinder is one of the indispensable auxiliary equipment in meat processing with high versatility and wide application in the meat production industry. The equipment pushes the raw meat in the feed box forward to the pre-cutting section under the thrusting of the screw rod, and makes the orifice plate and the reamer run relative to each other through the rotary extrusion, so as to cut the raw meat into particle shape and ensure the evenness of the meat filling. Different combinations of orifice plates can be used to achieve the production requirements on meat filling granules of different size.

commercial chicken meat grinder mincer machine working details
commercial chicken meat grinder mincer machine working details

The scope of application of meat grinder/ mangler´╝Ü

The meat grinder is widely used in restaurants, dining halls of enterprises and meat roasting and cured bacon factories for making minced meat. According to its structural characteristics, the meat grinders can be categorized into a single-stage meat grinder, multi-stage meat grinder, automatic bone removal, and de-fascia, the use of the single-stage grinder, mixing and shredding combined meat picking machine. In the food processing industry, single-stage meat grinders are applied more often. Through the replacement of different orifice plates of different sizes, the purpose of adjustable thickness can be achieved, meanwhile avoid the impact of rising in temperature of raw material thus affecting the meat quality. The meat grinder can be used for processing all kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, chicken with bone, duck with bone, mutton, chicken and beef with skin, fish and so on.

meat grinding mixing machine details
meat grinding mixing machine details

Working principle of meat grinder:

The meat grinder is the most commonly used machine for meat processing, which mainly reaches its grinding and mincing effect under the interaction of stainless steel grid plate and cross-cutting knife, during which, the meat will be chopped, minced and then be formed into meat strips for filling making. The meat mincing machine is mainly composed of a feeding unit, meat mincing chamber, cutting unit and transmission units.

During processing, under the shearing action generated by the rotating cutting blade and the eyelet blade on the orifice plate, the raw meat is minced and ground, and under the action of the screw, the minced meat is extruded and discharge out of the machine through the outlet continuously.
meat grinder

Performance of meat mincer:

A meat grinder is a meat processing equipment with a high degree of versatility and wide application range in the meat production industry. The mincing machine pushes the raw material forward under the action of the screw to push the raw meat in the hopper box forward to the pre-cutting unit. The rotary extrusion of the screw realizes the relative rotating between the orifice plate and the reamer so as to cut the raw meat into granular shape with the even mincing degree of the meat filling ensured.

The ideal meat filling can be obtained by different combinations of orifice plates.

1. Mincing frozen meat thoroughly;

2. Positive and negative rotating prevent the mincer cutters from material blocking;

3. The meat mincing equipment is characterized by versatility, wide application, and high output;

4. It has the function of mincing and grinding frozen meat, with time, labor saved, freshness and quality guaranteed;

5. Due to its short cutting time and the low operating temperature, the freshness is maintained with a shelf life of the minced ground meat prolonged;

6. Multiple orifice plate combinations can meet the requirements of processing meat products of a wide variety.