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Nut coating machine / coated peanut machine

Nut coating machine is to coat sugar beans, edible nuts, tablets, candy, chocolate, fried flour-coated peanut, crispy fruit, and beans, etc., and it also can be called sugar coating pans. It can roll, mix and polish spherical granular materials in the food and chemical industries. Meanwhile, It plays an important role in uniform coating and polishing of the formed chips in the pharmaceutical industry. With stable performance and automatic operation, it is favored by different fields, especially snack food processing industry in recent years. What’s more, the nut coating machine can make pills with excellent polishing effect.


peanut coating machine
peanut coating machine

Operation video

Technical parameter of coated peanut machine

Diameter of pan900mm


The diameter of barrelOuter diameter:777mm

Inner diameter:700mm

Motor power1.5kw
Electrical heating power6kw

Working principle of peanut coating machine

Coated peanut machine is mainly composed of frame, gearbox, sugar-coated pot, heating device and electrical appliances. The motor drives the sugar pot to rotate by the force of worm and wormwheel. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material is tumbling up and down in the pot. Finally, the sugar is fully mixed with the nuts.



  1. The heating system is composed of direct heating and hot air heating. You can use them separately according to different requirement.
  2. The cooperation of motor and reducer will reduce the processing speed to easy operation state.
  3. Wide application. Nut coating machine is suitable for Japanese beans, fish skin peanuts, crispy fruit, shrimp crispy beans, spicy beans can also be used for granular foods such as almonds, cashews, and soybeans.
  4. Coated peanut machine has a stable operation, low noise, easy operation, and high production capacity.
  5. The surface of the sugar-coated tablets is bright after coating and polishing.
  6. The consolidated coating of pill can effectively prevent the oxidative deterioration, moisture or volatilization of the chip, covering the unpleasant taste. Most important, it is easy for people to eat and beneficial to digest.
  7. The worm and worm gear is used as the terminal output of the transmission, which keeps the operation stable.


  1. In order to make the sugar evenly spread on the surface layer and coat the crystal as soon as possible and achieve the purpose of polishing, it is necessary to manually spray the syrup in the pot by hand. In addition, the pan rotates clockwise to make the sugar-coated tumble in the pot.
  2. There is an adjustment mechanism in the coated peanut machine, which can adjust the inclination angle of the sugar coating pan according to the tablet loading. The inclination angle of the pot body is 30°.
  3. This machine is a one-way low-speed, coating the raw material by continuous rotating, and the main motor rotates with the belt.

Successful case

The customer from Nigeria ordered 10 sets nut coating machine to coast peanut last month. As we all know, Nigeria is an agriculture country, and a lot of people plants peanut, that is why he bought machines from us. He was a dealer and would sell them on the market, and already bought a lot of food machines such as peanut candy processing machines from our company before. Now all the machines have been delivered, and he will receive them in 15 days.


1.What is the raw material?

The raw material is various such as snack, nuts, candy, chocolate, pills etc.

2.Can the sugar pot be inclined?

Yes, of course, it can be inclined for discharging easily, and the inclinaton angle is 30°.

3.Will the sugar coat on the nuts evenly?

Yes, sugar will evenly coat the nuts for the better taste.

nut coating machine
nut coating machine
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