Sesame peanut cereal bar production line | granola oat bar machine

Peanut candy production line
peanut candy production line
The automatic cereal bar production line can make peanut sesame bar, peanut chikki, granola bar, muesli snack bar, and other snack bars.
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The cereal bar production line is mainly used to produce various cereal bar snacks. It mainly uses a mixture of syrup and various grains to make cereal bar snacks.

The whole peanut brittle production line needs five machines including a sugar boiled pot(Electric heating), a mixing and stirring machine, a conveyor, an automatic cutting, and a forming machine, and a packaging machine.

It is suitable for the production of pressed and diced foods such as melon sugar, peanut candy, Shaqima, rice candy, frozen rice candy, fried rice candy, black rice cake, etc.

Peanut cereal bar production line working video

Granola oat bar processing machine application

The granola oat bar processing machine have a wide range of applications. Depending on the ingredients, it can make granola bar
muesli snack bar,oat bar,peanut sesame candy bar and  other products.

Peanut cereal bar manufacturing equipment

Sugar boiled pot(Electric heating)

Sugar boiled pot is to boil steam and extract the mixed material such as milk, sugar, etc., and it adopts electric heating. The ingredient can be made according to your need. Matching with 15kw motor, it bears high capacity. It is also suitable for hospitals, laboratories, research institutes, confectionery and beverage industries, canned food processing industries. In addition, the heating area is uniform with high thermal efficiency, and the heating time is short.

Sugar cooking pot
Sugar Cooking Pot

Technical parameter

Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 15kw
Volume ∮840mm
Weight 480kg
Size 1470*905*990mm

Peanut brittle mixing and stirring machine

Mixing and stirring machine is to fully stir the boiled sugar and peanut in order to mix them together. It is inclinable and easy to discharge the output. There are one rubber roller and one slice that is conductive to mix the raw material.

Sugar candy mixer machine
Sugar Candy Mixer Machine

Technical parameter

Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 1.1kw
Capacity 10KG/once
Size 700*800*1200mm

Peanut brittle Conveyor

The surface of the conveyor is made of stainless steel and the conveyor belt is PVC material. It is a simple device and mainly transports the mixed raw material to the cutting and forming machine.

Power 0.37kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Size 2500*820*1080mm

Peanut Chikki forming machine

Cutting and forming is a very important step during the peanut chikki production line. The thickness and length can be adjusted according to your need, which is achieved by the six handles on the side of the machine. The raw material firstly goes through the pressing part and then is cut vertically and horizontally. It realizes the automatic cutting, saving time.

Power 2.2kw
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Size 11800*1000*1200mm(mainframe: 6800mm, conveyor: 5000mm)
Capacity 3-4t/h
Sugar candy forming and cutting machine
Sugar Candy Forming And Cutting Machine

How to cut peanut brittle?

1. The raw material can be nuts such as peanuts or puffed grain including rice, wheat, and they are sent to the cutting and forming machine by conveyor.

2. Cross-cutting and lengthwise-cutting are carried out according to the set requirements.

3. During this process, there are three fans to cool the peanut candy to avoid clinging to the blades when cutting.

4. Finally, the cut peanut candy is sent to the packaging machine through the conveyor belt.

Peanut brittle packaging machine

The peanut brittle packaging machine is the last step during the peanut candy production line, but you can pack the peanut candy manually if you want to save cost. What’s more, the food packing machine is widely applied to all kinds of food processing industries.

Sugar candy packaging machine
Sugar Candy Packaging Machine

Peanut cany packaging machine technical parameter

Voltage 220V
Power 2.5kw
Packing speed 50-300pcs/min
Packing length 50-300mm
Packing width 50-310mm
Packing height 5-60mm
Size 3800*780*1500mm

The preoccupation of peanut cereal bar machine

  1. The peanut cereal bar making machine should be installed indoors to avoid direct sunlight.
  2. The ground should be paved with cement and drainage sewers.
  3. The installation place should be well ventilated, being equipped with an air compressor, and the pressure is 2Mpa—0.8Mpa.
  4. The factory should have the necessary lighting facilities and a 380V power supply.
  5. The installation location should generally be close to the tap water source for convenient operation. When installing, please pay attention to leave a certain maintenance space.

Malfunction and related solution of peanut brittle machine

Malfunction Reason Solution
The control panel does not light after power on The power is not connected Check the connection power.
The peanut candy can not be fully cut. The gap between the blade and the conveyor belt is too large Adjust the blade height
Uneven thickness of the pressure block The pressure of the pressing roller is not proportional. proportionally adjust the roller

Advantage of automatic cereal bar production line

  1. The main control circuit adopts imported single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, frequency conversion control, convenient and quick parameter setting, centralized and intuitive operation, fully realizing humanized automatic operation control.
  2. With high-sensitivity electronic tracking, the feedback information is accurate, and the error is extremely small.
  3. Stable operation, automatic conveying of material, and automatically cut peanut candy.
  4. Simple operation and low labor intensity.
  5. Continuous production and high output;
  6. The transmission system is compact and reasonable in layout.
  7. The circuit is clear, and no direct maintenance is required.

FAQ of peanut brittle production line

1.What’s the raw material?

The raw materials are various such as peanut, puffed rice, wheat and other nuts.

2. Can i adjust the thickness and length of the final peanut candy?

Yes, of course, you can adjust the six handles on the side of peanut bar machine.

3.How many fans on the forming and cutting machine?

Usually two or three fans that can cool the peanut candy. Note, before purchasing this peanut brittle machine, you should tell us your raw material, for different raw materials needs to match with different peanut machines.

How to adjust the snack bar size?