Pasta machine & pasta maker

Pasta machine
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The pasta machine is a small food processing machine which is popular among users. The pasta maker uses flour ( rice flour, starch, miscellaneous grains, etc.) as raw material to produce a variety of small types of small snacks according to different molds. Such as shell crisp, cat ears shape, white fungus crisp, five-star crisp, and so on. This machine also can produce noodles such as hollow noodles, macaroni, ramen, vegetable noodles, etc. The pasta machine is a better choice for by small entrepreneurs.

Pasta machine

Introduction of the pasta machine:

The pasta machine can make different small snacks by changing the molds. The raw material needs to be prepared first. We can provide the formula. The pasta maker is exquisite in manufacturing, beautiful in appearance, convenient in use, low in cost and high in output. It is the most ideal food machine for wealthy food factories and towns to make a fortune in the countryside. It is the ideal equipment for starting a business.

Instructions of the pasta machine:

  1. Use a special wrench to open the nut and take out the spiral stick. Wipe the bucket and the spiral for cleaning, then put the spiral into the bucket. After cleaning the blade(Other impurities such as dry slag in the knives and molds are softened by water and then cleaned by vibration which can not be cleaned with a hardener.) Select the required tool to be mounted on the front. Put on the nut and tighten with a special wrench.
  2. After connecting the power supply, start the machine for idling for a few minutes, if without abnormal noise, then you can use directly.
  3. After using each time, remove the nut and take out the knife, then put the knife into the water. Turn the number of revolutions to turn the remaining noodle out.
  4. Attention: It is not cleaned up when maintain. Residual dough slag will dry out, dry noodles will block the outlet, which can not process the product. Overloading can cause the nut to break or even damage the gearbox, motor, etc. Filling the lubricant every three months in the gearbox( 1kg butter).

Pasta machine

The formula of the pasta shell crisp:

1.Raw material:

Flour: Standard flour (80 powder) is best to use fine flour

Salt: Cooking salt

Alkali: edible alkali

Water: Edible water

2.Formula ratio:

Flour Salt Alkali Water Edible fiber Suitable amount of leavening agent
100 2 0.15 205-28



Advantages of the pasta machine:

  1. The pasta machine has characteristics of low investment and fast return.
  2. It can make various snacks by changing different molds.
  3. The processing process is quite easy for people.
  4. The past maker is easy to clean and maintenance.
  5. One machine can match various molds.

Technical parameters of the pasta machine:

Type Productivity(kg/h) Power(kw) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
TZ-30 30~35 1.5-2.2 450*790*960 80
TZ-60 60~70 2.2~3 500*500*960 110
TZ-100 100~105 4 500*600*920 125
TZ-150 140~150 7.5 550*650*960 155