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Peanut candy cutting and forming machine / caramel brittle cutter

Peanut candy cutting and forming machine is to cut peanut into rectangle shape, and it is an essential machine in peanut candy production line. A pressing roller at the front of machine is able to press sticky peanut candy into uniform shape. In addition, peanut candy cutting and forming machine is equipped with 3 fans that can cool the peanut candy in the case of sticking the machine. With automatic operation and excellent effect, it is widely applied to produce puffed rice candy, rice crispy candy, peanut candy, seed candy, sesame candy and caramel treats.

Technical parameter of peanut candy cutting and forming machine

NamePeanut candy cutting and forming machine
Raw material201 stainless steel
The length of conveyor belt5m
The number of pressing roller4
The number of fan3(80w)
Total length11800mm
Width of pressing roller560mm
The width of peanut candyAdjustable
The number of motor5(0.75kw)
Main cutting device0.75kw
Secondary cutting device220v 250w

Advantage of caramel cutter

  1. Caramelcutter uses double frequency conversion and PLC control with high working efficiency.
  2. The pressing roller at the front of the machine can press the peanut candy effectively, which enables the final peanut candy to keep the same thickness.
  3. All operation is automatic, saving time and energy.
  4. The width of peanut candy is adjustable, which is achieved by adjusting the handle at the side of caramel
  5. It is made of 201 stainless steel, so it is Hygeian and bears long service life.
  6. The cutting part with sharp blade is able to cut peanut candy with high working efficiency, and the final peanut candy boasts same size.
  7. You can change the language of display screen according to your need.
six handles
six handles
pressing roller
pressing roller

The working steps of brittle cutter

  1. Place the sticky the raw material into
  2. The two rollers press them into flat shape by constant rotation.machine.
  3. Then the peanut candy is conveyed by conveyor belt.
  4. Three fans cool the peanut candy to avoid sticking machine.
  5. There is a roller on the back of peanut candy cutting and forming machine, and it can press peanut candy twice.
  6. Finally, the horizontal and vertical blades cut them respectively.
  7. The cut peanut are conveyed by belt to the container.

Successful case of brittle cutter

The customer from South African bought 2 sets brittle cutter this month. He ordered a whole peanut candy production line last year, and now he wants to improve the output, producing more peanut candy and selling them om the market, so he needs more machines. Thanks to the professional skills and sincere attitude of our salesman, he placed order from us again, and we are very happy to cooperate with him.


1.How many fans on the peanut candy cutting and forming machine?

3 fans on the machine, and they are moveable.

2.What kind of food can be but by this machine?

They can be puffed rice candy, rice crispy candy, peanut candy, seed candy, sesame candy and caramel treats.

3.Can i adjust the thickness of peanut candy?

Yes, of course, just adjust the six handles, and the six scales should be same.

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