Pepper stalk cutting machine | chili stem removal machine

Pepper stalk cutting machine
pepper stalk cutting machine
The pepper stalk cutting machine can apply for removeing stalks of various types of dry and wet peppers. The stalk removal is efficient, clean, and will not hurt the pepper.
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The pepper stalk cuttingĀ machine is a special machine for cutting pepper shanks. It is mainly used for removing handles during the processing of peppers. This chili stem removal machine can be applied for processing chili peppers such as Chaotian pepper, bell pepper, longhorn pepper, line pepper, American red, and Yidu red. It is a fully automatic single-barrel lengthening machine, which only needs one person to feed and the machine automatically processes. The clean rate of cutting pepper stalkĀ is 95%. The single-roller cutting handle has the best effect.

The necessity of removing the stems of peppers

Pepper is one of the most important categories of global cash crops. Its planting area, output, processing volume, and other indicators are at the forefront of cash crops. However, the level of mechanized operations is not high. So the research and innovation of pepper processing machinery are worthy of attention in the industry.

Pepper after removing stalk
pepper after removing stalk

The peppers that need to be processed are Chaotian peppers, long cone peppers, and line peppers. It covers almost all categories that need to be processed. According to statistics, from the analysis of the use of peppers, about 40% of the global pepper production needs to be stalked, and the market space is huge.

The traditional way of removing the handle of pepper is done manually with scissors. It is time-consuming, labor-intensive, inefficient, and has obvious occupational hazards to the operator. For a long time, mechanized de-stalking of peppers has been a worldwide topic. There is an urgent need for professional equipment.

Fresh peppers can also be cleaned in batches with a bubble washing machine after removing the handle. You can also use a pepper dryer for drying.

Fresh & dried pepper stalk cutting machine

Fresh dried chili stem removing machine
fresh dried chili stem removing machine
  • Performance characteristics: This pepper stalk cutting machine can cut dry and wet chili stalks, with high cleanliness, low pepper damage, and high efficiency.
  • Adapt to different varieties and pepper shapes (customized).
  • The efficiency of a single pepper stalk cutting machine is more than 5 times that of ordinary products on the market. And the performance of the whole machine has reached the international leading level.
  • The product host is supplemented by auxiliary equipment such as impurity removal and conveying so that the automation performance of the whole machine can be remarkably brought into play. It is an important piece of equipment for the processing of bulk agricultural products.
  • Chili stem removal machines can replace a lot of labor, save operating costs, and greatly improve work efficiency.

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Compared with the large pepper stem cutter, this small pepper stem cutter from our Taizy factory is more suitable for home use or small factories. The machine is small in size, easy to operate, low power consumption, easy to clean, low cost, and very suitable for individual users.

At present, our factory often exports this machine to India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Russia, the United States, and so on. If you are interested in this machine, please feel free to contact us.

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