Pita bread oven & pita oven

pita bread ovne

Pita bread oven is heated by gas, and the turntable is driven by electric power to rotate. Pita bread, a popular grilled pasta, which has a lot of varieties. There is a kind of pita bread machine that can make various pita. This machine is made of stainless steel.

Introduction of the pita machine:

The pita bread oven mainly consists of a frame, a transmission part, a dough shaping part, etc., The baking temperature is about 300 degrees. The turntable adopts Thickened steel plate without coating, healthier, warmer is more stable. The speed is adjustable according to the size of the pita bread. The bigger pita bread, the lower speed. The baking time is different according to the pita bread size and pita thickness.

pita bread oven

Advantages of the pita bread oven:

1. The pita bread has a variety of tastes and neat appearance. It can make different flour by different customer’s need. Such as cumin, five fragrances, spicy, Constant temperature baking, uniform fire baking, tender with a crispy crust, soft and crispy.

2. The pizza bread made by the pizza maker is clean and hygienic. One person can operate. It has the features of large output, saving time and effort. Firepower can be adjusted.

3. Save time and energy:

The capacity of the pita bread maker is about 300pcs per hour. This machine has changed the disadvantages of low efficiency, labor-intensive, dust at the bottom of the, etc.

4.Low investment and fast benefits recovery

The raw material is flour. It needs other ingredients to make a different flavor.


Safety protection of the inlet and outlet, the process fully reduces the human body contact, the machine itself has anti-leakage protection, and the operation is safer and safer.

6.Universal wheel

A universal wheel is easy for moving that saves people’s energy.

7.Infrared burner

This designs that no naked flame, no dust particles.

pita bread oven

Customer use case:

There is a Thailand customer named Jackson, He wants to start a business with a smaller one. Then he finds us to know something about this machine. After we introduce this machine details to him, he places one order. He is using this machine to do pita bread. Business is very hot. The pita bread is so popular around people. So he orders a dough mixer this month for saving energy.

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Technical parameters of the pita bread oven:


Size Power Voltage Capacity Rotary plate diameter
TZ-700 950*950 *1100mm 0.12kw 220v 300pcs/h