How to peel a pomegranate? Pomegranate peeling separating machine

Pomegranate peeling machine
pomegranate peeling machine
The commercial omegranate peeling machine is also called a pomegranate seed extractor. This machine is mainly used for peeling and separating pomegranates.
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The automatic pomegranate peeling machine is used to peel the husk of pomegranate in order to extract clean seeds. These seeds then are pressed by a juicer machine later, and you can get delicious pomegranate juice finally. The crushing roller of the upper crushing device adopts stainless steel, and the gap between the two rollers is adjustable, which is 22- 30mm. The damage to the pomegranate seed is low, and the gap between the two rollers is 15-22mm.

Commercial pomegranate peeling and separating machine mainly applies for the front-end processing of pomegranate wine or pomegranate juice. The pomegranate peeling machine has little damage to pomegranate seeds and can retain more pomegranate juice. Moreover, the tannin content of pomegranate seeds obtained by using the commercial pomegranate peeling machine does not exceed 4%, which prevents the bitterness of pomegranates.

Pomegranate peeling machine video

Brief introduction of automatic pomegranate peeling machine

During pomegranate juice extraction, it needs two machines. One is the pomegranate peeling machine, and the other is the pomegranate juicer machine. The peeler machine can divide into two types, a one-layer inlet peeler machine, and a two-layer inlet peeler machine. Two-layer inlet pomegranate peeling machine bears a higher capacity, and the first layer contains blades to break the pomegranate, and the second layer is a rubber roller that squeezes the raw material. However, the content of tannin will increase, and the final juice tastes a little bitter. This machine widely applies to beverage and liquor processing industries. The pomegranate seed extractor is frequency conversion control, and there are two motors. One is to control peeling and the other is to crush. The rotation speed of both motors can be adjusted on the electric cabinet.

Pomegranate peeling machine
Pomegranate Peeling Machine

Advantage of pomegranate peeling machine

  1. The peeling effect is very good, and you can get very clean kernels.
  2. The pomegranate peeling and separating machine adopts 304 stainless steel, and it is corrosion-resistance and has a long service life.
  3. Peeling a pomegranate machine has frequency conversion control, and it is easy to operate and maintain.
  4. The long screen with holes can fully discharge the pomegranate seeds.
  5. The long protective cover can ensure the safety of the operator.
  6. Most pomegranate seeds won’t break after peeling and has a high juicing rate.
Pomegranate peeling and seperating machine
Pomegranate Peeling And Seperating Machine

Technical parameter of automatic pomegranate peeling machine

Capacity1000- Kg/h
The diameter of the rotating screen340 mm
Power of gear motor2.2 KW
Power of crushing motor1.1 KW
Rotation speed of crushing device60 r/min
The maximum speed of separating the shaft350 r/min
The maximum speed of the separation rotation screen9.2 r/min
Weight900 Kg
Dimension2600×650×1760 mm
Pomegranate seed removing machine
Pomegranate Seed Removing Machine

The main structure of pomegranate peeling and separating machine

The pomegranate peeling separating machine mainly composes of a feeding hopper, a first-stage crushing, a frame, a protective cover, a separating shaft, and a rotating screen, a transmission system, an electric control cabinet.

Feeding hopper

The pomegranate enters the hopper through a hoist or manually.

The crushing device

Installed on the top of the pomegranate peeling equipment, it is a primary crushing device. The crushing roller uses stainless steel, and the gap between the two rollers can be adjusted by 22-30mm.

Separation device

It consists of a separation shaft, a separation screen, and a transmission system. Separate vanes distributed in a spiral shape are mounted on the separation shaft. The separation screen consists of a stainless steel plate that separates the husk from the pomegranate. The transmission system is located at the front the frame for deceleration and variable frequency speed regulation. The separation shaft and the separation and rotation screen are driven by the sprocket set.

The frame

It is a supporting part for the different spare parts and all are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Electrical control cabinet

It is assembled by the cabinet, electrical components, frequency converter, etc., and is used to control the opening and closing of the motor, crushing and separating devices, and the adjustment of the separation speed.

Pomegranate seed extractor 4

The installation of a commercial pomegranate peeling machine

  1. The installation site should be hardened and keep level with good drainage performance.
  2. If necessary, the machine can be fixed with four M16 expansion bolts.
  3. Each reducer should be injected with lubricating oil according to the instructions. The transmission chain is coated with molybdenum disulfide grease. The supporting bearings of the transmission are injected with the proper amount of molybdenum disulfide grease. The crushing roller support bearing should be filled with an appropriate amount of vaseline lubrication.

Use and maintenance of pomegranate seed extractor

  1. After installing the pomegranate seed extractor, check whether the fastening parts are firm.
  2. When the pomegranate seed extractor starts working, the pomegranate firstly passes through the crushing device and finally are separated.
  3. Press the separation button and the rotary screen should rotate counterclockwise.
  4. Press the crushing button and the pair of gears on the crushing roller should be relatively rotated and tend to be lower.
  5. Confirm that each driving part is running normally before turning it on. The pomegranate peeler should idle for an hour without abnormal noise, and the temperature of bearings can not excessively rise.
Pomegranate seed extractor 3

The preoccupation of pomegranate peeling separating machine

  1. The pomegranate can not be stored for a long time in case that the husk is too dry to cause a bad peeling effect.
  2. The size of the pomegranate should be similar, and the size difference is no more than 15mm.
  3. The gap between the screw blade on the screen barrel and bottom board should be less than 2mm in order to discharge the pomegranate seeds.
  4. The gap of the roller is determined by the size of the pomegranate, so it is necessary to confirm it with the customer.
  5. Sort the pomegranate before working and you shall strictly prevent iron, stone, and other hard objects from entering the body.
  6. Adjust the speed of the separation shaft to see if the pomegranate slag meets the requirements. If yes, record the position of the speed control pointer for the next use.
  7. If the pomegranate husk contains many seeds or the seeds mix with much-broken husk, the distance between the crushing rolls and the speed of the separating device should be adjusted.
  8. After working, you shall use water to clean the whole pomegranate seed extractor. The crushing roller should be clean without any residue and sewage. In addition, you need to use10% hot alkali (brush) to remove dirt adhering to the surface of the machine.
Pomegranate seed extractor 2

How does the pomegranate peeling & separating machine work?

  1. The pomegranate enters the upper crushing device from the feeding hopper, and the whole pomegranate is squeezed into several small pieces through the relative extrusion of the crushing roller and the crushing of the blade on the roller.
  2. Then pomegranate enters the lower crushing device for the second crushing. The lower crushing roller adopts non-toxic and highly elastic rubber.
  3. After two stages of crushing, the pomegranate, which has been separated with husk and seeds, falls into a separation device (separation shaft and rotary screen) equipped with variable frequency speed regulation.
  4. Under the rotation of them, pomegranate seeds and part of the juice flow out from the screen hole,  and the pomegranate husk is discharged from the tail of the device.

Note: the screen diameter is 13-16 mm. If the pomegranate has a special size, please tell us when ordering.

Pomegranate peeler
Pomegranate Peeler


What is the broken rate?

The broken rate can not be calculated.

Why the husk contains pomegranate seeds?

The husk of pomegranate is too dry.

Do the seeds need to be pressed by other juicer machines?

Yes, this pomegranate peeling machine just can extract the clean pomegranate seeds, and they need to be juiced by a juicer machine later.

What is the final pomegranate juice used for?

It can apply to the beverage and liquor processing industries.

Can I adjust the rotation speed of the motor?

Yes, of course, it can be adjusted on the electric control cabinet.

Is this pomegranate seed extractor only suitable for pomegranate?

Yes, the raw material only is pomegranate.

Are there any requirements for pomegranate before the operation?

Yes, first, pomegranate should be similar, and the pomegranate husk shall not be too dry.

What are the vulnerable spare parts?

They are blades, screen, and rubber roller.

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