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 Spiral juicer & screw juice extractor

spiral juicer

The spiral juicer is also called screw juice extractor, which is used for solid-liquid separation operations for the fibrous materials or viscous materials. Such as fermented grape skin residue, ginger, spinach, rubber, Chinese herbal medicine, winter jujube, and other fruit and vegetables. It is also used for continuous juice extraction of sea buckthorn with small twigs. The mesh hole is specially made according to the size of the sea buckthorn. It is also used in environmental protection industries, such as press dewatering of market waste and kitchen waste.

Working principle and structure of the spiral juicer & screw juice extractor:

The spiral juicer consists of front support, feed hopper, spiral, filter net, rear support, slag tank, and other parts.

The screw juice extractor is a crushing screw press spiral juicer. Some materials need to be crushed juicing. After the material enters the crushing box, the broken rod breaks the material by high-speed rotation. Then the broken material enters the press part through the stencil. The conveying screw pushes the material in the tank to the pressing screw. The pitch of the pressing screw is reduced and the shaft diameter is increased. The liquid contained in the material is squeezed out under the action of the resistance of the screen wall and the cone. The extruded liquid flows out of the sieve hole.

Pomace after pressing is discharged outside the spiral juicer through the end of the sieve drum and the cone. There is a spring loaded on the back of the cone. Adjusting the preload and position of the spring can change the magnitude of the exhaust resistance and the size of the slag outlet to adjust the dryness and wetness of the raw material.

Installation preparation of the spiral juicer & screw juice extractor:

  1. This spiral juicer is equipped with movable casters for easy movement but needs to be placed on a flat surface.
  2. Check whether all parts are completely intact and whether the fastening bolts and screws are loose.
  3. The reducer is filled with a sufficient amount of lubricating oil (see the instruction manual).
  4. Turn on the power, pay attention to whether the direction of rotation of the spiral is correct. The screw juice extractor needs Idle for 30 minutes, check whether there are abnormal phenomena and sounds in each rotating part and whether the operation is stable.
  5. Before feeding, the parts to be contacted should be cleaned and dried, and the machine should be effectively grounded to prevent leakage accidents.

Customer use case of the spiral juicer & screw juice extractor:

There is a customer from American named Mikael Dallaire. He wants to open a juice processing plant. He ordered model TZ-3 spiral juicer and mainly process apple. He buys the apple from the farmer and then processes it into juice. Now he has been processing the apple of this machine. A few days ago, we received a reply from him saying that the machine is very easy to use, and he will order a bigger one in a while.

Technical parameters of the spiral juicer & screw juice extractor:

Model TZ-1.5 TZ-3 TZ-5 TZ-10 TZ-15
Capacity 0.2-1.5t/h 0.5-2t/h 2-6t/h 3-10t/h 5-16t/h
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 18.5kw 22kw
Screen diameter 270mm 360mm 430mm 510mm 610mm
Size 2200*600*900mm 3500*700*1000mm 3580*1000*1470mm 3740*1100*1650mm 4500*1100*1650mm
Weight 650kg 1200kg 2550kg 2950kg 4200kg
Screen aperture 1.5mm 1.5mm 2.0*40mm 2.0*40mm 2.0*40mm



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