Potato slicing machine in Nigeria

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Nigeria ‘s middle-income population is growing, and its urban population is increasing at the same time. In order to seek new markets and profits, more and more food machinery is pouring into Nigeria, and potato slicing machine in Nigeria is welcomed by the public.

Potato slicing machine
Potato Slicing Machine

Problems in Nigeria’s indigenous food machinery industry

As international food machinery has settled in Africa and wants to replicate their success model here, African entrepreneurs and SMEs are threatened. At present, Nigeria’s domestic food machinery industry is facing a series of problems: loose shelves, narrow aisles, insufficient refrigeration, and backward conditions such as electricity, sanitation, and water supply. In addition, food safety will be the biggest issue.

Why they suffer such a tough situation?

These issues are based on the fact that most food machine suppliers in Nigeria still remain in a small-scale operation, without registration or operating irregularly, especially in the vast rural areas. So far, food processing industry is still relatively backward.

Besides, they lack the funds to improve and correct their operations. For example, few food machine suppliers have access to financing to improve processing technology. This informal production method is also a means of tax avoidance. Formal operations will pay more taxes, which means that food machine producers have no incentive to invest more resources to improve the food machine industry’s infrastructure.

How to deal with the resulting series of challenges has become an important issue in Nigeria’s domestic food industry.

Nigeria’s economy is basically dominated by agriculture. The development of agriculture is listed as the government’s top priority. Preferential agricultural investment policies, a wide range of investment fields, and opportunities exist everywhere. It is an ideal place for Chinese agricultural enterprises to open up African markets. As for the food machinery industry, its market is getting larger and larger, and customer demand is gradually increasing. Technical requirements have also started to become higher and higher, providing opportunities for Chinese food machinery to move to Africa. Among them, potato slicing machine in Nigeria is welcomed there, because the staple food of most African countries is potatoes.

Of course, the rapid growth of potato slicing machine in Nigeria’s market has driven the development of other food machines.


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