Poultry meat bone separator machine | chicken deboning machine

Poultry meat bone separator
Poultry meat bone separator
The commercial poultry meat bone separator machine is used for separating poultry bones and meat. It has a high production rate with high efficiency.
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The commercial poultry meat bone separator machine is designed for the separation of poultry bone and meat. This machine can apply to separate the flesh of half and whole poultry. The separated meat emulsion has pure meat quality and no bone residue and can apply in the production of sausages, meatballs, seasonings, and other products. The poultry deboning machine uses food-grade materials, with large production output and a high production rate.

Commercial poultry meat bone separator machine application

The poultry bone meat separator applies to separating the bone and flesh of half poultry and whole poultry. It is suitable for the separation of the flesh and bones of poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, fish, rabbits, and so on. It can complete separation at one time, saving manpower and material resources. The separated flesh applies to making sausages, luncheon meats, patties, meatballs, seasonings, fillings, and other products. Moreover, the machine can also apply for fruit core separation.

Commercial poultry deboning machine application
Commercial Poultry Deboning Machine Application

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Working principle of poultry meat bone separator machine

The poultry deboning machine is mainly composed of a box part, a hopper part, and a separating part. First, put the meat in the hopper, and push the meat products into the separation part by screw extrusion. In the separation part of the flesh and the bone, the variable pitch auger squeezes the bone and the flesh to separate. The separated meat emulsion is squeezed out from the gap of the filter screen.

Chicken meat bone separator
Chicken Meat Bone Separator

Automatic chicken meat bone separator details

Adopts stainless steel

The whole adopts stainless steel, not easy to damage, and durable.

High degree of automation

The high degree of automation improves production efficiency and saves labor.

Simple structure

Simple structure, easy to clean.

Good meat quality

The temperature of the meat is low, which has little effect on the flavor and shelf life of meat products.

Features of poultry meat bone separator machine.

  • Adopts 304 stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements.
  • Made of high-quality high-strength stainless steel, durable, simple structure, safe and convenient operation, easy to clean, easy to disassemble.
  • When extracting meat emulsion, it is fast and efficient, and the temperature rise is small. The extracted meat emulsion has a good consistency. Therefore, the extracted meat paste can apply to making meat products such as sausages, minced meat, meatballs, dumplings, etc. The bone residue can extract chondroitin, and the broken bones can be used as a soup base.
  • The bone and flesh separator has a high yield rate, which can reach between 65% and 90%.
  • With little damage to the meat tissue, the discharge cylinder is a superposition filter. The meat slurry is extracted cleanly, and the taste is good without bone residue;
  • One poultry meat bone separator machine has multiple purposes, which can apply for bone and flesh separation, fishbone separation, pulp removal, vegetable separation
Poultry meat bone separator
Poultry Meat Bone Separator

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  • I need a price of the meat bone separator,and what’s the overall price upto shipping to Nigeria, precisely Bauchi State,Lushi Yelwan Tudu,Bauchi Local Government Area.