Sheep or goat head and feet hair removing machine

Sheep head hair removing machine 15
sheep head hair removing machine
Sheep head hair removing machine can be used for wool scalding, hair removal, sheep feet shelling, and sheep hair filtration.
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Sheep head hair removing machine can be used for wool scalding, hair removal, sheep feet shelling, and sheep hair filtration. It mainly consists of a water sprinkler system, electric heating system, water circulation system, water filtration system, head hoof hair removing system, temperature control system, scalding time control system, and hair removal time control system. Compared with the traditional ways, the sheep head hair removing machine saves a lot of energy. It is also environmental protection, for example, recycle water system saves a great amount of water and heat. In addition to this machine, our Taizy factory also offers machines for processing lamb rolls. It cuts frozen meat into rolls of even thickness.

Sheep foot hair cleaning machine
Sheep Foot Hair Cleaning Machine

How to use goat feet hair removing machine?

1.Clean the tank and fill it with water.

2. Connect the power supply. The link should be based on the label of machine. (Note: After connecting the line, try to turn it, check if the geared motor is reversed! The whole goat feet hair removing machine needs to be connected to the ground wire)

3. Turn on the main power switch. The main power switch is designed with an emergency stop switch to prevent accidents, and the device can be stopped urgently. The temperature control device will display the current water temperature.

4. Start the electric heating switch first, observing whether there is a bubble in the electric heating rod to determine whether it is heated.

5. During the first operation, after the water temperature reaches the temperature set by the temperature controller, the water pump switch is activated to circulate the water (note: before the pump starts, it must be ensured that there is water in the water tank, and the water tank is prohibited from being connected.).

6. After the temperature controller reaches the set temperature again, turn off the water circulation switch.

7. When starting the goat feet hair removing machine, make sure that the temperature has reached the set value, and then start the water circulation system. (In operation, keep the electric heating device turn on.)

8. In the process of work, it is necessary to add water in time, clean up the hair and debris in time, and maintain the good operation of the filtration system.

Goat head foot hair remover
Goat Head Foot Hair Remover


  1. Before the hair removal of the sheep’s head, first warm-up 10-20 minutes in advance.
  2. After the temperature is raised to the set temperature, placing the sheep’s head and the sheep’s feet into the sheep head hair removing machine, and then the water circulation system and the power system are respectively activated.
  3. The scalding time is controlled by the timing controller and it is about 5-6 minutes, and the hair removal time should be controlled accurately. After the timing controller is set for about 2.5-3 minutes, the sheep’s feet are released.
  4. The scalding time of the sheep head is 5-6 minutes, and the hair removal time controller is set for 3-5 minutes, then taking out the sheep head, the hair removal time is different according to different sheep breeds.
  5. After all is completed, clean the heating system, the hair removal space, and the filter device, and turn off the power.
  6. The electronic control device is equipped with an emergency stop switch to ensure safe operation.
Sheep feet hair removing machine details
Sheep Feet Hair Removing Machine Details

Precautions of sheep head hair removing machine

  1. Each connection part must be tightened to prevent the water from leaking. When connecting, it must be inserted into the end.
  2. When discharging sewage, be sure to insert it into the waterway to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Sheep head hair removing machine should be maintained regularly.
  4. The tightness of the chain is adjusted. The adjustment of the chain should not be too loose or too tight, and grease should be applied in time.
  5. The reducer should be regularly lubricated, and the equipment should be maintained for a certain period of time.
  6. All the foot bolts must be adjusted during installation to ensure the basic level of the sheep head hair removing machine.
  7. Check whether the parts are connected properly and prevent damage during transportation.

How to maintain sheep head hair removing machine?

  1. Before starting the sheep hair removal machine, all the transmission parts, bearings, and reducers should be tightened and lubricated.
  2. The transmission sound of the sprocket is stable, and there is no obvious impact and vibration.