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Vegetable Slicer cutter machine

Slicer cutter (3)
Slicer cutter (3)

Vegetable Slicer cutter machine detailed introduction:Scope of application:

Cut potato root crops into strips and slices

Vegetable Slicer cutter machine performance

(1)Sweet potato, potato, radish and so on can be cut, widely used;

(2)Can be customized cutting, slicing, cutting function, to achieve a multi-purpose machine;

(3)The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is safe, sanitary, beautiful and durable;

(4)The thickness and the size can be adjusted;

(5)Feeding by means of the guide groove on the rotary dial; A knife with inclined distribution and a large arcuate oblique blade are used for cutting; The cutting surface is neat and smooth without damaging the tissue fiber;

Precautions for use and maintenance

When working, the material is put into the hopper, and the material is guided to rotate along the shell wall by the feeding trough on the rotating plate. The cutter installed on the shell wall cuts vegetables into strips, and the chips are cut out of the discharge cover.

(1)All the maintenance work of the cutting machine must be in the case of cutting off the power supply; In addition, the clean and tidy and good lighting of the cutting machine room has become an important prerequisite for the safe operation of the cutting machine.

(2)After each use to clean in time. Ensure cleanliness, ensure no food material, material residue inside;

(3)When cutting the vegetables, do not put stone particles or metallic material, in case of knife edge jump crack;

(4)Before the normal work first try to cut, observe whether the cut vegetable specifications and requirements are consistent, or adjust or change the blade and rotary table height, until the adjustment is correct before the start of normal batch work;

(5)After using the equipment a period of time, check whether all parts of the screw loose. If any looseness is found, tighten the screws; If the screw appears slippage phenomenon, now replace the new screw.

(6)When there is abnormal operation and noise, must stop and check immediately. After troubleshooting, can restart.

(7)When not using the chopping machine for a long time, please keep it in a dry and ventilated place.

Vegetable Slicer cutter machine technical parameters:

(1) dimensions: 650*700*1200 (mm)
(2) weight: 100kg
(3) power: 1.1kw
(4) output: 300kg/h
(5) voltage: 380v
(6)The whole machine: control switch, material outlet, material inlet, built-in motor, rolling wheel

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