Small cashew nut processing machine sold to Nigeria

Cashew nut processing machine delivery picture
cashew nut processing machine delivery picture
The small cashew nut production line has large processing output and high efficiency.The small cashew nut processing machine exported to Nigeria.
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The cashew nut production line processes cashews from shelled cashews into peeled and grated cashews. The small cashew nut production line has large processing output and high efficiency, so it is welcomed by many customers. At the end of June, we sold a 200~300kg/h small cashew nut processing machine to Nigeria.

Export picture of small cashew nut processing machine in Nigeria

Customer purchase cashew processing machine details

Inquiry stage

At the beginning of June, the Nigerian customer sent us an inquiry about cashew processing machines. This customer is doing cashew processing business with his partner for the first time, so he is very careful. He wants a small cashew nut processing machine. Therefore, we first sent the video of the cashew processing machine and the semi-automatic quotation to the customer. After a preliminary understanding of the machine, the customer wants to determine whether we are a manufacturer of cashew processing machines. Therefore, he contacted a friend in China to visit the factory for him.

Visiting the factory stage

In mid-June, we received a friend of a Nigerian customer and accompanied him to see the factory. While visiting the factory, his friend asked us some questions and took videos and pictures of our factory for the customer. After seeing these, Nigerian customers believe that we are a real factory. After eliminating the doubt about whether it was a factory, the customer was worried about the quality of the machine. Therefore, he entrusted his friend to find a quality inspection company to inspect the machine.

Inspection machine stage

The company of the inspection agency came to our factory immediately after being entrusted by the customer and issued an inspection certificate to the customer. According to the feedback from his friends and the inspection company, the Nigerian customer dispelled all doubts. He wants to buy a small cashew nut processing machine from us to run in Nigeria.

Purchase payment stage

We have many Nigerian customers. For their convenience, Taizy has opened a Naira account. At the end of June, Nigerian customers sent money to our Naira account as a deposit for purchasing cashew processing machines.

Cashew nut production line manufacturer
Cashew Nut Production Line Manufacturer

Why do Nigerian customers buy Taizy cashew processing machine

1. Taizy cashew nut processing machine has a high degree of automation, large processing capacity, and competitive price.

2. As a cashew processing machines manufacturer, we provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. When a customer has a problem with the cashew machine, we will help the customer solve the problem as soon as possible. If the machine needs any parts, we can provide matching parts.

3. The machine is of high quality. The Nigerian customer chose a quality inspection company to help him inspect our cashew machine, and Taizy’s machine was highly praised.

4. Convenient remittance. We provide a variety of payment methods, such as visa card online payment, bank transfer, letter of credit, and other payment methods. For Nigerian customers, we provide Naira accounts.

What machines are included in the cashew nut processing machine?

There are a variety of cashew nut processing machines for different steps of cashew nut processing. The small cashew processing machine in Nigeria mainly processes raw cashews into peeled and packaged cashews. Therefore, the whole cashew nut production line mainly includes a cashew nut grading machine, cooking machine, cashew nut peeling machine, shell screening machine, dryer, cashew nut peeling machine, packaging machine, and other machines.

Small semi automatic cashew nut processing machine
Small Semi Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machine

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