Cashew nut processing plant in India

Cashew nut processing plant
cashew nut processing plant
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Cashew nuts are rich in nutrients and are one of the four famous nuts in the world. Cashew nuts need to be processed before they can be distributed to the market. Currently, the largest processing bases for cashew nuts are in Vietnam and India. Among them, the processing volume and sales volume of cashew nuts in India ranked first in the world. Recently, we exported the cashew nut processing machines to a cashew nut processing plant in India. It will inject fresh power into India’s long-term dependence on hand-processed cashew nuts. This semi-automatic cashew nut processing machine can greatly increase the output of cashew nut processing.

Origin of Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts originated in tropical America and spread from Mexico, Peru, Brazil to the Indies. India first introduced cashew trees to plant trees and maintain soil and water. It was not until the 1960s that the economic value of cashew nuts was discovered.

Cashew nut origin
Cashew Nut Origin

Development status of Indian cashew nut industry

India is the main producer of cashews. In India, cashews are mainly concentrated in the peninsula, such as Maharashtra and Kerala on the west coast, and Bengal on the east coast. India is also the largest exporter. Its main markets are Europe, America, and Middle East countries. Due to the large output of cashew nut processing, it faces the same problem of lack of raw materials as Vietnam. Therefore, it needs to import a large amount of cashew nut raw materials from other countries every year to meet the needs of the international market.

Problems facing the cashew nut processing plant in India

Although the Indian cashew nut industry is developing well, there are also some problems in the cashew nut processing industry. The first is the lack of raw materials due to the large processing output, which has caused India to import a large number of raw materials. Second, although, it has established a large number of cashew nut processing plants in India, most of its cashew nut processing relies on manual processing. In order to obtain a huge cashew nut processing output, most cashew nut processing plants need to hire a lot of labor. The cashew nuts contain special ingredients that can seriously damage workers’ hands.

Cashew nut processing in india
Cashew Nut Processing In India

Indian cashew nut processing machine

The full set of cashew nut processing machines includes a washing machine, cashew nut grading machine, cooking machine, cashew nut shelling machine, shell and kernel separator, cashew peeling machine, and other machines. The production line can realize the production process from raw cashew nuts to peeled cashew nuts. Cashew nut processing lines include small processing lines and automatic cashew processing lines. The cashew nut processing plant in India is a small cashew processing line. The customer mainly purchased multiple automatic cashew nut sheller machines and shell kernel separators. This makes up for the low efficiency of manual peeling and the poor peeling effect.

Cashew nut processing plant in india
Cashew Nut Processing Plant In India



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