Small Corn Puffing Machine Exported to Ghana

Corn puffing machine arrived in ghana
corn puffing machine arrived in Ghana
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The small corn puffing machine can be used to process various puffed foods from rice, maize, cereal, grain, etc. The commercial puffing machines in the Taizy factory have a variety of models to meet the processing needs of different customers. Recently, one of our customers in Ghana received a corn puff machine that we shipped to him. The customer is very satisfied with the working effect of the machine, and soon sent us the feedback video and pictures of the corn puffing machine.

Commercial grain puffing machine
commercial grain puffing machine

Applications of corn puffing machine

The small corn puffing machine is very versatile, it can be used in snack shops, food processing plants, or at home. This air-flow puffing machine can be used to extrude various grains, such as wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, glutinous rice, etc.

Taizy factory’s small maize puff machine has various models, and different processing output is available for customers to choose from. The corn puffing machine feeds 5-10kg of raw materials each time. The puffing time for each batch is about 6-9 minutes.

Puffed corn
puffed corn

Why choose small corn puffing machine for Ghana?

The Ghanaian customer wants to start a puffed food processing business, so he wants to buy a corn puffing machine. The Ghanaian customer saw a video about a corn puff machine released by our factory while browsing YouTube. He was very satisfied with the production effect of our extruder, so he contacted our factory soon.

The customer said that it was his first time starting a food processing business, and decided to buy a small-capacity food puffing machine first. According to the production requirements of this Ghanaian customer, we recommended a small corn extruder with an output of 30-60kg per hour.

The Ghanaian customer also consulted us about the popcorn packing machine, which is used to pack the processed puffed corn. However, due to the limited investment budget, the customer finally chose not to purchase a packaging machine for the time being. The corn extruders in our factory are in stock, so we quickly arranged the shipment for this Ghanaian customer. After about 20 days, the customer received the machine. Under our remote guidance, the Ghanaian customer quickly mastered the method of using the corn puffing machine.

Parameters of corn puff machine for Ghana

Small grain puffing machinePower:1.5kw
Capacity: 30-60kg/h
Weight: 680kg
Heating method: gas heating 
After packing 2cbm, Gross weight: 750kg
corn puff machine parameters
Small corn puffing machine exported to ghana
small corn puffing machine exported to Ghana

Working video of the small corn puff machine

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