Frying machine

Commercial batch frying machine
commercial batch frying machine
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Frying machine Introduction:

The small fryer machine has a variety of heating methods such as electric heating and coal heating. The water-oil mixed frying machine is the latest version of water-oil integrity deep frying equipment, the smoke-free, multi-purpose equipment adopts the most advanced international technology of oil mixed frying, has completely conversed the frying pattern of the traditional fryer equipment, and overcame the disadvantages of the traditional deep small fryer machine fundamentally. Oil-water mixed frying machine is characterized by the high product quality and reasonable price. Welcome to inquire.

Oil-water mixing fryer machine is a smokeless, multi-functional, water-oil mixing frying equipment, the temperature of the oil layer is controllable within a constant temperature, under uniform heating. The new energy-saving water-oil mixed fryer machine can take away a certain amount of animal oil and surplus water content from food so that the finished products with tempting color, aroma, and crispy texture will be produced. Residue produced during frying will sink into the water layer automatically, and be discharged through a sewage outlet, as a way to ensure the freshness of frying oil, acidification free, and waste oil free.

Electric and gas deep frying machine
Electric And Gas Deep Frying Machine

Small fryer machine equipment technology

1. The water-oil integrated method is adopted, according which, due to the different proportions of oil and water the residue, and animal fat all sink into the lower layer of vegetable oil. The oil-water integrity method can avoid the flaw of the traditional frying machine, and avoid the emergence of acidification carbonization, and deterioration.

2. The water-oil integrated method improved the quality of the finished product by ensuring that the residue and animal fat be removed from the frying layer, so as to ensure the purity of oil layers. Therefore, the product’s quality is improved, the shelf life is prolonged, and the fried food is of bright color, tempting smell, and appealing appearance with no black spots.

3. Save frying oil consumption as well as be conducive to environmental protection. The water-oil integrated method solves the problem of oil volatilization caused by excessive heat and drying of traditional frying machines. The water under the oil layer of the oil-water mixing tank can produce small amounts of steam continuously penetrating into the oil layer to moisturize oil so as to prevent oil volatility; Central heating device can be adjusted at will, according to production requirements by the electric controller. The water-oil mixing method can effectively alleviate the degree of oxidation of frying oil, inhibiting the production of the acid medium, so as to extend the service cycle of frying oil to reduce the waste rate and save oil consumption by more than 50% than traditional frying machine, thus to reduce the air pollution, and to avoid the smoke pollution doing harm to operators.

4. Flavor transfer free, versatility. By limit control, partial temperature control, and proportion control of vegetable oils and animal fats, charred sediment sinks into the lower water layers to keep the frying environment pure, to fry all kinds of food at the same time without odor. The multi-usage oil-water mixing frying machine can increase your profits.

5. The small fryer machine is equipped with an advanced automatic temperature controlling device, thus the oil temperature is remained between room temperature and to 230-degree centigrade, and is adjustable according to the raw materials. The automatic heating controller is equipped in order to maintain a constant frying temperature that can not only reduce energy consumption but also make the equipment easier to operate with and improve working efficiency.

Small fryer machine
Various Models For The Deep Frying Machine

Frying machine scope of application

Suitable for fried food processing, for instance, fried chicken, fried steak, fried lamb chops, French fries, and so on. Simple operation, eco-friendly sanitation, and high oil saving rate make the multi-usage oil-water mixing frying machine a replacement for the traditional fryer. Applicable to food processing plants, large and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, guesthouses of all sizes, school dining halls, canteen, and other catering services.

Advantages of the small fryer machine:

(1)There are two sets of heating pipes, a total of 6 heating pipes, and 304 stainless steel seamless pipes. If one group of heating pipes is damaged, the rest of the machine can be used normally.

(2) On the outer edge of the oil basket, a layer of steel plates is placed to prevent oil from spilling.

(3) There are four universal wheels at the bottom of the machine with two brakes which are easy to move and safe to park.

(4) Frying temperature: it is different according to different materials and requirements. If frying puffed food, the frying temperature is about 205 °C. The temperature can be adjusted according to your need.

(5) The machine is made of full 304 stainless steel. The thickness of the stainless steel plate is 2mm which is durable and long in use.

(6) Heating method: electric heating, natural gas heating, liquefied gas heating, diesel heating.

Oil water seperation machine and frying frame
Oil Water Seperation Machine And Frying Frame

Small fryer machine’s technical parameters

(length×width×height) (mm)
(length×width×height) (mm)
KS-300 4.5 380×600×900 300×440×280 20
KS-400 6 480×640×900 400×440×280 28
    KS-500     6/9 580×640×900 500×440×280       35
KS-600 12 680×640×900 600×440×280 40
KS-650 12 730×640×840 650×440×280 45
   KS-750S(dual-tank) 4.5/6.0 840×640×900 300/450×440×260 20/32
KS-800 15 880×640×900 800×440×280 55
KS-850 15/18 930×640×900 850×440×280 58
KS-1000 18/24 1080×650×950 1000×450×300 70
KS-1200 24/36 1280×750×1200 1200×550×260 88
KS-1500 36 1580×650×950 1500×450×300 100
KS-2000 48 2080×600×950 2000×500×300 166
KS-3000 72 3160×760×1050 3000×600×400 400