Industrial strawberry blueberry washing machine line | fruit cleaning and drying line

Industrial strawberry&blueberry washing machine
industrial strawberry&blueberry washing machine
The blueberry washing machine adopts the bubble cleaning principle, which will not damage the blueberries.
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The strawberry & blueberry washing machine is a machine specially designed for cleaning soft and easily damaged fruits. It widely applies to washing strawberries, blueberries, mulberries, blackberries, and other fruits. The strawberry washing machine mainly uses the bubble tossing cleaning principle to clean various fruits and vegetables. It can not only use a separate blueberry washing machine to clean blueberries. Moreover, The blueberry washer machine can also form a fruit washing line with fruit leaf separators, impurity cleaners, picking belts, and air dryers.

Industrial strawberry washing machine operation video

Why is the demand for blueberry washing machines increasing?

Blueberry is known as the “King of Berries”. It is rich in nutrients and is beneficial to human health. Not only the original blueberry fruit is widely welcomed by the people. Moreover, blueberry jam, fruit juice, fruit wine, dried fruit, and other products processed from blueberries are also very popular. Therefore, the blueberry washing processing industry has gradually emerged. The demand for blueberry washing machines, which are necessary for the fruit washing industry, is gradually increasing.

Blueberry application
Blueberry Application

How does the strawberry & blueberry cleaning machine work

The strawberry washing machine overcomes the defect of damaging materials during washing. It uses a combination of high-pressure spray and bubble cleaning to fully clean the raw materials without destroying fruit raw materials such as blueberries. In the washing tank, the bubbles generated by the fan wash the strawberries for the first time. This step mainly uses the tumbling action of water bubbles to clean the impurities on the strawberry surface. While washing with water bubbles, it will also generate a forward power to push the strawberry forward. The high-pressure water gun at the high-pressure spray place cleans the strawberries a second time.

Industrial blueberry wash processing line composition

The blueberry washing and drying line is a washing line specially designed for large blueberry processing plants. The cleaning line mainly includes a bubble cleaning machine, fruit leaf separator, impurity cleaning machine, picking machine, air dryer, and other machines.

  1. Bubble blueberry washing machine

The bubble cleaning machine mainly cleans the surface of blueberries for the first time. It mainly removes impurities on the surface of blueberries through bubble cleaning in the sink and high-pressure spray.

Blueberry washer machine
Blueberry Washer Machine
  1. Fruit and leaf separator

A fruit leaf separator is a machine specially designed for fruits with leaves. At this stage, the fruit leaf separator performs high-pressure bubble treatment on blueberries. This step is to remove the leaves without damaging the blueberry pulp.

Fruit and leaf seperator
Fruit And Leaf Separator
  1. Impurity cleaning machine

The impurity cleaning machine is also called the hair roller cleaning machine, which realizes the second impurity treatment for strawberries. This step is mainly to treat the impurities hidden in the depressions of the strawberry. It can realize the second washing after the blueberry washing machine. The machine’s hair rollers roll and transport strawberries. During the transportation, the wool roller at the bottom fully touches the depression of the strawberry and removes impurities. The spray device on the top assists the hair roller to thoroughly wash away impurities. Through this step, it can achieve the purpose of thoroughly washing the strawberries.

Blueberry roller cleaning machine
Blueberry Roller Cleaning Machine
  1. picking machine

The picking machine can drain and pick the washed blueberries. The picking table is a conveyor belt that can be adjusted by frequency conversion. In this step, you can arrange for some people to pick out the spoiled blueberries manually.

Picking machine
Picking Machine
  1. Air drying machine

In order to achieve rapid air drying in a short time, it generally needs a mesh belt air dryer to air dry blueberries. The mesh belt of the air dryer adopts all 304 food-grade stainless steel. The distance between the fan and the conveyor belt can be manually adjusted to adjust the wind power. And we can also customize the spacing between air dryers according to customers’ air-drying requirements.

Air drying machine
Air Drying Machine

Fruit wash processing line features

  • Safety and health

All machines in this fruit washing and drying line adopts food-grade 304 stainless steel, which meets food safety and sanitation standards.

  • Reduce raw material damage

In the blueberry cleaning line, it adopts the bubble cleaning principle and smooth conveyor belt structure. It can minimize damage to easily damaged materials such as strawberries and blueberries.

  • Water can be recycled

The washing equipment in the fruit washing line equips with a circulating water pump and a filter water tank. Therefore, it can realize the recycling of washing water.

Blueberry wash processing line
Blueberry Wash Processing Line
  • Reduce fruit pollution

The blueberry washing machine can equip with an ozone device according to customer requirements. It can realize sterilization and disinfection of fruits. Moreover, the high-pressure spray device on the cleaning machine and the hair roller cleaning machine can also reduce secondary pollution.

  • Controllable cleaning time

All conveying motors in this blueberry cleaning and washing line adopt variable frequency speed regulating motors. Therefore, you can reasonably adjust the running speed of the conveyor belt according to your production conditions and reasonably control the cleaning time.

Related machine with the blueberry processing industry

In recent years, raw blueberries and deep-processed products of blueberries are very popular. Therefore, the deep processing industry of blueberries is also constantly emerging. These are inseparable from the support of blueberry processing machinery. For example, blueberry classifiers, crushers, filling machines, freezers, and other food machinery.

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