The demand of almond peeling machine for sale is increasing

Almond peeling machine
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In recent years, the market demand for almond flour and almond milk is continuously expanding, and the growth rate of beverages and yogurt mixed with almonds has reached 39%. Meanwhile, the demand of almond peeling machine for sale is increasing as well.

Opportunities for almond peeling machine for sale

The growth of the almond market has also brought the opportunities for related processing equipment, such as almond peeler. As we all know, the almond is not only wrapped in the shell, but also has a layer of outer skin. When processing foods such as almond milk, almond oil, and almond flour, in order to ensure the taste, it is necessary to peel the almonds, which requires the almond peeling machine for sale.

The classification of almond peeler for sale

At present, it includes wet almond peeling machine and dry almond peeling machine. The wet almond peeler needs to blanch the almonds in hot water before peeling. This method has a higher breaking rate and the peeling effect is not ideal.
With the development of technology, dry almond peeling machine has been widely applied. Before peeling, the almonds need to be baked to ensure the moisture less than 5%. In addition, it has two functions including peeling and separating. After processing by it, almonds are intact with low broken rate.

The requirement for almond peeling machine

With the expansion of the almond market, there are more and more almond peeling machine manufacturers. How to improve the market competitiveness?
1. it is necessary to further improve the peeling effect of the almond peeling machine for sale. Through innovative technology and optimization of components, the almonds can be peeled more uniformly. If the crushing rate is low, and the quality and aesthetics of the final almond will be improved.
2. Almond peeler manufacturers need to strengthen the stability of machine. It includes stable quality of final almonds, stable precision of spare parts with wear resistance, vibration resistance and thermal stability, etc. Under the specified working environment, the operation of the almond peeling machine should be stable for a long time, thereby reducing consumer maintenance costs .
3.Increasing the automation of the almond peeling machine for sale is also critical. Your machine can be equipped with PLC automatic control system to reduce the manual participation rate and pollution caused by human factors.

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