Wet almond peeling machine | peanut & broad bean peeler

Wet almond peanut peeling machine
wet almond peanut peeling machine
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The almond peeling machine uses a high-quality pure rubber soft roller for manual movement. Almond red skin is easy to be removed by this machine. This almond peeler machine is suitable for various materials, such as peanut,  broad bean, and so on.  The peeling rate of the almond peeling machinery up 98%. The breaking rate is lower than 5% without damage. It is a relatively advanced almond/peanut peeler equipment in the almond peanut processing market. When peeling the raw material, it needs to add some water to wash away the skin. So it is also known as a wet peanut peeling machine, a broad peeling machine.

Peanut wet peeling machine
Peanut Wet Peeling Machine

Automatic almond peeling equipment working principle:

Almond/peanut peeling machine is specialized equipment for removing almond red skin.

1. Before peeling, raw materials need to be soaked in hot water. Different material needs different soak time and soak temperature.
2. Pour the soaked almond into the hopper. The raw material is vibrated into a rotating rubber wheel fixed by three powerful rollers.
3. Then the peeling effect is achieved by the inducing strip, the feeding wheel, and the Imitation hand-turning.
4. Then the discharge wheel presses the peeled almond into the hopper and discharges it in the discharge hopper, and the almond skin is pulled out through the suede wheel.

Almond/peanut peeling machine, using the principle of differential rolling friction transmission. Peanut peeling when almonds are less than five percent moisture (to avoid over-toasting) after baking. After screening the almond through the sieve, the ventilation system sucks away the skin.

Almond peeling machine roller
Almond Peeling Machine Roller

Wet peanut peeling machine features:

1. The peanut peeling machine adopts the wet peeling process, so the breaking rate is low and the peeled almond has superior quality.
2. The surface color of almonds after peeling peanuts does not change, the protein will not lose.
3. During the peeling process of almonds, the skin and nuts can be separated and discharged automatically.
4. The machine has the advantages of small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and easy operation.
5. The peanut peeler machine has the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, high productivity, good peeling effect, and low half-grain rate.

Different raw material soak time:

For peanut, soak time need about 3-5 minutes, soak temperature need about over 80℃

About almond, soak time need about 15 minutes, soak temperature need about over 80℃

For broad bean, soak time need about 20 minutes, soak temperature need about over 80℃

Commercial almond peeler application
Commercial Almond Peeler Application

Nut peeling machine application:

Almond: The almond peeler machine mainly pours the soaked almonds into the peeling machine hopper. Peeling the skin through a peeling apron, the skin is automatically separated and discharged through a separating device. The peeled almond mainly used for the initial processing of almonds or the processing of canned almonds, almond drinks, almond dew, and so on.

Almond peeling machine application
Almond Peeling Machine Application

Peanut: Peeled Peanut widely applies in the processing of fried peanuts, multi-flavored peanuts, peanut candy, peanut milk, peanut protein powder, and an eight-treasure porridge.

White kidney beans:It is widely used in the peeling treatment of white kidney beans in the early period of white kidney bean products. The machine is designed to be rigorous, safe, easy to operate, and efficient.

Commercial almond peeler machine working video: